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February 14th

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Farcaster Network — Andrew Hong (@ilemi) just put together the most comprehensive data dashboard on the Farcaster ecosystem. In his own words:

"This is the first time in history that three datasets have come together in the open:

  • High quality user transaction data (blockchain data)

  • High quality social graph data (profiles, followers, and actions)

  • Verified linkage of addresses (user X owns wallets A,B,C)

And on top of that, these datasets have come together in a vertically integrated data stack (Neynar for Farcaster data, and Dune for onchain data) that is open for everyone to use."

A client for $DEGEN — Li Jin asks if anyone is building a client that treats $DEGEN tipping as a content curation mechanism. We want to know as well!

Why luxury? — “Luxury media” is a controversial meme – Jihad explains why “luxury” is the right way to describe the future of media.

Decentralized Social Networks — “Decentralized social media introduces a shift towards open protocols not owned by a single company. This enables users to directly connect with their audience. For developers, it simplifies creating new experiences by using shared data, eliminating the challenge of building a user base from scratch.”

Starknet $STRK is here: farmers are mad! — 1.3 million wallets are earmarked to receive STRK airdrops. The innovative eligibility and distribution of STRK (with 22% going out to stakers) might introduce a new “net positive” standard for airdrops in crypto. Airdrop farmers are obviously mad.

Crypto x AI – The Deepest Dive We’ve Seen — Probably the most comprehensive deep dive on Crypto x AI covering all major intersections (from music to infrastructure). Banger!

Today’s Frame: Send a Mochintine 💓 by nakamochi

Channel of the Day: /replyguys hosted by Reply guys (duh!)

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