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February 15th

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An L3 for Frames — Syndicate is launching the Syndicate Frame Chain as an L3. Built with OP Stack on top of Base and Celestia, 0.01 ETH funds many millions of transactions. This is a home for Frames experiments + creativity. Great work!

"why would we need L2/3/4s?" by @ilemi

My Week Off Twitter by Bored — “I'm not quitting Twitter. That was a lie. But the point here is that Farcaster has presented me with a future where I'm far less afraid of that happening. Whether Elon steals my account, or I just move on from Twitter because it makes me sad, my ability to generate a high quality following on a decentralized platform has given me real hope for spreading the Bored identity across the internet in many places beyond the bird app.”

Are points pointless? — “Over the past few months, a new approach to airdrops has driven activity in Web3 primitives. Points are essentially off-chain IOUs that give a user a relative ranking that helps determine how much they would receive in airdropped tokens. Much like ICOs, they may be yet another ‘phase’ in crypto. Alternatively, they may be here to stay.”

Collectibles → Content — Zora believes we are moving from collectibles onchain to content onchain. This defines their product roadmap and the direction of the space moving forward.

YCombinator Request for Startups — Lots of great ideas here. A bit of crypto, a lot of AI, and always big and ambitious. 

ApeCoin DAO to develop “Apechain” on Arbritum — The ApeCoin DAO has voted for developing the ApeChain network on Arbitrum with support from Horizen Labs.

Today’s Frame: Cupid’s Frame by Andrew Jiang

Channel of the Day: /diet-coke hosted by @arjun

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