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February 16th

Frames with Superpowers – Zora Adds Webhooks Support for Frames

You can now make a frame mintable with basically any conditions. The only limit is your imagination. Mint on a full moon? Mintable only if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl? Mintable only as long as I have fewer than 10k followers? Go imagine and ship!

OpenAI Announces Sora 

OpenAI announced Sora, their new model which creates high definition, minutes-long videos from any text prompt. The results are mind-blowing and memeable – and Zora meets Sora sounds like a collab waiting to happen!

Coinbase Q4 earnings

Coinbase announced remarkable fourth-quarter results, boasting a revenue of $953.8 million and a profit of $273.4 million. This success is attributed to increased interest income generated from its stablecoin reserves and other offerings, notably Base, which is currently safeguarding assets exceeding $600 million. Mint it here.

Farcaster Dev Call Notes

Several Hub improvements were shipped in the last week. The team also shipped a new Frames validator and is currently experimenting with transactions within Frames via wallets (ETA: 1-2 weeks):  “we are going to set a UX standard for frame transactions that feels great… taking an opinionated view and pulling the market forward" – @dwr. The team is currently focused on growing pains (fixing spam and channel host features).

Understanding the Intersection of Crypto and AI

“Crypto provides AI with a permissionless, trustless, and composable settlement layer. This unlocks use cases such as making hardware more accessible through decentralized compute systems, building AI agents that can execute complex tasks requiring the exchange of value, and developing identity and provenance solutions to combat Sybil attacks and deep fakes.”

Today’s Frame: Degen Powerball by LottoPGF

Channel of the Day: /consumercrypto hosted by Seed Club Folks

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