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February 23rd

Farcaster ships support for Solana addresses

The Merkle Manufactory team has enabled Warpcast to link users’ Solana addresses through wallets compatible with the platform. Phantom, the most widely used wallet for Solana, confirmed this integration. Big moves… welcome to the Solana folks!

Reddit diversifying into ETH and BTC

Reddit said it invested part of its excess cash in BTC) and ETH, making the firm one of the few companies that directly purchased digital assets alongside the likes of Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy and Elon Musk's Tesla. Welcome?

Privy is now available for everyone!

“After 15 months, 2.5M users onboarded, 902 SDK releases and 5 audits, we're opening up so anyone can sign up to Privy. We're excited to serve the next generation of crypto apps by making it seamless for them to onboard and engage everyone.”

Bluesky: An Open Social Web

Bluesky now lets users host their own social media data, enabling easy switching between hosts without losing content or connections. The platform emphasizes global conversation and customizable features, with seamless account portability, unlike Mastodon.

Unlonely S2 Payouts

“We just paid out 20+ contestants who participated on season 2 of love on leverage ~$400 each (splitting the streamer revenue we earned across 5 episodes) 🫶”

Activate Uniswap Protocol Governance

The Uniswap governance lead just submitted a proposal to create a fee mechanism that rewards UNI token holders that have delegated and staked their tokens. The token price spiked as a result.

Today’s Frame: 9dcc Store by gmoney

Channel of the Day:  /skincare hosted by @mantej.eth

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