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February 21th

Optimism Unveils Airdrop #4: $41m to 23k Wallets

If you’ve created across the OP Superchain (Base, Zora, etc.), you’re likely eligible for an airdrop from Optimism. Folks are landing up to $20k in rewards for minting and creating onchain. Feels good to be onchain!

Nouns x Farcaster

Nouns is running a Farcaster Client round to get more Nounish clients built. Seneca is curating thoughts from across the community. $50k awards available to the three teams with the winning proposals. Who's building this?

Frame This

“Over the past few weeks, Frame has been a ‘killer app’ that has driven Farcaster to prominence. At peak, the application did close to 42k DAUs compared to a little over 2.5k DAUs a few weeks back. There has been a similar revenue growth, too. Cumulative revenue on the platform has grown to $620k, of which some $400k came in last month alone.” Welcome @joeljohn to Farcaster.

Coinbase x Liquid Death Ad

Coinbase spend $500k to get an ad across Liquid Death packaging. They also paid in USDC and saved $12,000 in transaction fees! Genius!

Announcing PartyBot

Start a Party Room in just 1 cast.

- Tag @partybot and up to 4 of your friends

- Include text for the name of your Room

- Add an image for your Room's NFT memberships

Today’s Frame: Artbot by Artblocks

Channel of the Day: /outcasts hosted by @sum

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