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February 28th

MagicEden x Yuga Labs Marketplace is live

Magic Eden's new Ethereum marketplace, created in collaboration with Yuga Labs is live today, introducing the industry's first major Ethereum platform to honor creator royalties (again).

Building Consumer at Internet Speed

“The internet ushered in a Cambrian explosion of connection, allowing us to find each other while thousands of miles apart. People began forming communities around factors beyond location, such as personal interests and ideologies. In some ways, the internet felt like the only venue where one could fully and freely express themselves and find other like-minded people without borders.”

Lens Goes Permissionless

The decentralized social protocol from Avara (fka Aave Labs) is now permissionless. Just six months after launching in beta, over 100,000 users were engaging with apps across Lens. The community created over 37M onchain social transactions, including 5M posts, 4.5M mirrors, 2.2M comments, and 11M follows.

Open Actions and Frames Spec

The Frame Transactions spec is ready for feedback. This will be a massive unlock for the Farcaster community (transactions!).

“That’s Our Two Satoshis” - The Reddit IPO is Crypto Without the Crypto

“Reddit plans to place a big chunk of its IPO shares in the hands of its users, an unusual move that could build loyalty, but seems too little, too late.  Ideally, Reddit shares will rise in their stock-market debut for the company and its underwriters, bestowing big gains on those who buy in at the IPO price.”

State of Wallets Part 1: Wallet Technologies

“The two most important technologies created in crypto/web3 are the concept of blockspace and cryptographic keys/wallets. Wallet technologies have now expanded beyond self-custodial wallets, and we believe within the next 5 years wallets will change dramatically – marking crypto’s “iPhone” moment. In this part, we will cover the various wallet technologies. In the future parts, we will cover related trends like how data and identifiers will be attached to wallets.”

INTRODUCING: The Farcaster Index

A home for market and community across select Farcaster-native tokens, including $DEGEN, $TYBG, $POINTS, Farcats, OGs, and more... An experiment by @moonlightco.

Today's Frame: “NGL” by @watcher

Trending Channel: /six hosted by @six

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