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February 22th

Open Frames

Open Frames is a draft specification for “universal” Frames that works anywhere on the internet. This enables integration into different ecosystems and applications, including apps, websites, and even email clients. Exciting....

Metalabel Re-launch: a new model for creative work

Metalabel unveiled their new collaborative label platform that allows groups of people to come together to drop work and split funds. To kick things off, they dropped a book of their own with key collaborators. So far 500/777 "artifacts" have been acquired!!!

Uniswap releases uni.eth subnames

Uniswap has released uni.eth subnames for all Uniswap mobile app users. As Raihan puts it, we’ve entered an age of self-expression. New adoption lego?

L3s for Base and the OP Stack: Syndicate started the L3 season?

Conduit has made it insanely easy for anyone to roll up an L3 using Base and OP Stack. Jesse Pollak outlines a running list of L3 ideas in this thread. Hello Degen!

Web3: A New Commerce Layer for the Internet

“In the next few years, we’ll move from closed online commerce, facilitated by large e-commerce platforms, towards an open commerce system. This is uniquely made possible by converging megatrends, with the maturing of Web3 infrastructure playing a key role.” Worth a read!

Google AI diversity Issue

“Social media platform X has been flooded with countless examples of Gemini producing images with “diversity” dialed up to maximum volume: black Roman emperors, native American rabbis, Albert Einstein as a small Indian woman, Google’s Asian founders “Larry Pang and Sergey Bing,” diverse Mount Rushmore, President “Arabian” Lincoln, the female crew of the Apollo 11 and a Hindu woman tucking into a beef steak to represent a Bitcoiner.”

Today’s Frame: Nouns Client ideas by Seneca

Channel of the Day:  /techarchive hosted by YB

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