Footprint Analytics and GalaChain Unite to Enhance Blockchain Infrastructure and Data Insights

Footprint Analytics is excited to announce its strategic partnership with GalaChain, Gala’s state-of-the-art Layer 1 blockchain. This collaboration marks a groundbreaking step towards revolutionizing the blockchain ecosystem across various industries, including gaming, entertainment, and finance.

GalaChain is engineered to meet the expansive needs of enterprise-level projects, offering near real-time settlement, low gas fees, and sub-second latency. This ensures not only fast but also cost-effective transactions, setting a new benchmark in blockchain efficiency and versatility. GalaChain’s core mission is to empower creators and businesses to excel without the constraints typically associated with blockchain technologies, making it the ultimate platform for innovation in entertainment and beyond.

Footprint Analytics, a leader in blockchain data solutions, will integrate its advanced data analytics capabilities and powerful multi-chain data APIs with GalaChain’s robust infrastructure. This synergy is expected to unlock new dimensions of data insights and provides users with unparalleled access to actionable intelligence. By leveraging both Footprint Analytics’ AI-driven analytics tools and rich extensive data APIs on GalaChain’s optimized platform, this partnership promises to enrich the blockchain community with innovative solutions and usher in a new era of data-driven development.

The collaboration extends beyond data analytics, as GalaChain developers will gain essential tools for application performance monitoring and optimization, ensuring a seamless and efficient development lifecycle.

Tony Zhang, co-founder of Footprint Analytics, shared his excitement: “Our partnership with GalaChain marks a pivotal moment in enhancing blockchain infrastructure. We’re excited to merge our visions and innovate where data and technology meet, opening doors to endless opportunities.”

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About Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics is a blockchain data solutions provider. It leverages cutting-edge AI technology to help analysts, builders, and investors turn blockchain data and combine Web2 data into insights with accessible visualization tools and a powerful multi-chain API across 20+ chains for NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.

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About GalaChain

GalaChain is a secure, low-cost, and builder-friendly L1 blockchain designed to bring the next billion users on-chain. Engineered for versatility, it meets the diverse demands of enterprise-level initiatives across gaming, finance, and more, with its design prioritizing efficiency, low costs, and swift transactions.

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