Fortifying Crypto Compliance with Token Explorer’s Forensic Analytics

As regulations increase across crypto markets, non-compliance risks threaten project viability overnight. However, comprehensive token audits enabled by advanced analytics provide the detection needed to safeguard reputations.

Token Explorer tracks specialized forensic token metrics:

● Vesting Schedules — Profile investor distribution restrictions including release cliffs, tranche structures, and free float impacts over custom periods.

● Ownership Concentration — Detect centralization risks by analyzing holder distribution and quantifying wallet balance whale dominance over adjustable periods. Set alerts.

Source: USDT Holder Analytics

● Distribution Transparency — Quantify circulating, locked, and diluted token supplies over adjustable time horizons.

Equipped with these insights, compliance teams can execute preemptive strategies:

  1. Model sell-side impacts from pending token unlock dates as vesting contracts expire.

  2. Detect concentration red flags early before distorted governance controls emerge.

  3. Profile complete token distribution splits across locked, vesting, and circulating segments informing oversight.

Advanced analytics-enabled compliance is the new competitive edge in today’s turbulent markets. Future-proof your crypto strategies with Token Explorer — schedule a demo today.

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What is Footprint Analytics?

Footprint Analytics is a blockchain data solutions provider. It leverages cutting-edge AI technology to help analysts, builders, and investors turn blockchain data and combine Web2 data into insights with accessible visualization tools and a powerful multi-chain API across 30+ chains for NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.

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