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29 Airdrop Opportunities In 6 Minutes — Insider Roundup #66

Hey guys,

BLAST was yet another underwhelming airdrop, but I can’t complain about my allocation since I didn’t farm it hard.

More good news as many would get frustrated and leave the space, which is great for us who are grinding out transactions.

There are still plenty of opportunities out there, and we just need to find them.

🐦 Tweet Roundup

Discover the best airdrop tips I posted on Twitter this week:

Confirmed airdrops

What I did this week

Here are the main activities that I did to potentially qualify for these airdrops:

🟢 Kroma

🔵 StarkNET


🔥 Want to beat 99% of airdrop hunters?

Airdrop hunting does not have to be a solo affair.

Ready to win at airdrops with a group of like-minded hunters?

Join my Discord server and gain an edge.

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🔴 Optimism


I’m prioritising this because of my conviction in the Superchain

🟣 Taiko




Here’s how I’m preparing for this.


You can use their bridge here.

Increase your transactions on Zora by minting my NFT note with just $0.01:

  • Swap to USDzC (contract address: 0xCccCCccc7021b32EBb4e8C08314bD62F7c653EC4)

  • Mint the NFT for 0.01 USDzC

A quick guide on how you can do this too and increase your creator mints.

💡 Others


🖼 NFT Mints

🚀 Galxe OATs

Check out all my referral links for potential airdrops here.

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