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27 Airdrop Opportunities In 4 Minutes — Insider Roundup #40

2024 is going to be crazier.

Hey guys,

It’s the final airdrop roundup for 2023, and what a year it has been.

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I only started being serious with airdrops after Arbitrum, and I’ve earned multiple 3-4 figure airdrops since then.

I hope you had some profits too, and thank you for being with me on this journey.

Several indicators suggest that 2024 is shaping up to be a crazy year, and I’m hoping that our consistency will pay off!

Tweet Roundup

Discover the best airdrop tips I posted on Twitter this week:

$100 Wallet Updates

I started a challenge where I’m aiming to grow my wallet with airdrops starting with just $100.


Here are some updates:

If you’d like to join me on this journey, I’ll be documenting everything I do in this thread.

Follow me on Twitter for more airdrop threads.

Confirmed airdrops

What I did this week

Here are the main activities that I did to potentially qualify for these airdrops:

Waitlist Opportunities

zkSync Era

Also, don’t forget to complete your daily tasks on Layer3 to earn more XP.

For more info, check out my guide on the zkSync airdrop here.



  1. Cross-chain swaps and aggregating bridges and DEXs

  2. 58 blockchains

  3. Rango integrates multiple types of blockchains, including EVM-based, Cosmos, Solana, and more.


  • The mainnet launch of Layer Zero V2 should take place in the coming weeks, during the month of January!

  • Reminder: L0 announced that it would launch its current token for the first half of 2024.

For more info, check out my guide on the LayerZero airdrop here.

Secure your funds with this 2-wallet strategy

Did you know your airdrop wallet should be kept separate from your normal wallet?

Having your funds in the same wallet could expose it to smart contract risks, or even worse when you lose your seed phrase.

Here’s the combination that I’m using for my funds (referral links included):

  1. Airdrop wallet: Ledger Nano X connected to Metamask

  2. Cold storage wallet for buying and holding funds: Tangem (Get 10% off when you use my link)

I store minimal funds in a hot wallet, as those are the most risky. This hack that cost a prominent Twitter influencer resulted in life-changing losses, and you can find my analysis here.




Complete simple tasks. If you missed out on this, stay tuned for season 6.

Manta Pacific

Here are some invite codes: BU2H2 - IQ1C5 - CSW8V - P7DTN


Join the Mantle Journey here if you have not done so.


Also, don’t forget to complete your daily tasks on Layer3 to earn more XP.


Here’s how I get funds on Injective from an EVM wallet.



  1. Launch App and connect your wallet.

  2. Create a Glacier dataset and insert 2 documents on Glacier - Greenfield Playground.

  3. Invite friends with your referral link.

  4. Valid invitees need to create a dataset and insert 2 documents.

  5. Claim $GLC Eligibility OAT.


To earn future rewards, you’d have to refer 3 people after completing all 8 tasks. It was pretty laggy for me.

Feel free to leave your DOP referral code in my TG group chat.

NFT Mints

Now you can use the beta version, connect your Google account and use one of the links below:

  1. e9a45d6c6f2565a75999

  2. 2857a8eda454d90c64ad

  3. c7e13d6c316afde739ba

  4. 013fca5f81da4f900bad

  5. ca6350ed214fe9783a4b

  6. cc38058edf95d4d9f4d9

  7. 8e30bd1a09aabd2f2f2d

  8. e2d3ddc539b76f256d44

  9. 2602b08e379038c5b2a7

  10. fd9e42327118fe6a472f

Galxe OATs

Answers: 1:B ; 2:B ; 3:B ; 4:A ; 5:B ; 6:C

What other tasks did I miss out on? Or are there any particular projects you’d like me to do a deep dive on?

Feel free to DM me on Twitter, or join my Telegram group where we share the latest alpha.

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