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The Connext Airdrop Was Such A Letdown — Insider Roundup #24

The only bonus was that I could claim a new badge on DeBank

Hey guys,

After the drama that unfolded during the Connext airdrop, I was unable to claim my tokens in time before the price dump.

However, it’s not really that bad as I didn’t expect much from this airdrop, so I’m keen to just hold the tokens for now in case there’s a future pump.

Nevertheless, I hope that this episode would be a good reminder for future projects that intend to conduct an airdrop, with the threat of Sybil attacks still looms large.

Did you manage to claim the NEXT airdrop and sell it off in time? Let me know in the comments below.

What I did this week

Here are the main activities that I did to potentially qualify for these airdrops:

📝 Waitlist Opportunities

While I personally don’t really do much GameFi related stuff, this project is backed by Binance Labs so I signed up for the waitlist and joined their Discord group.

🟢 ZetaChain

  • ZetaChain Swaps have resumed

ZetaChain swaps are finally back, don't forget to perform a swap weekly to earn 7k points on the leaderboard

This project aims to grow a cross-chain DEX on Ethereum, BSC and ZetaChain, so it’ll be good to get in early.

For more info, check out my guide on the ZetaChain airdrop here.

🟣 zkSync Era

You can complete social tasks to claim this NFT (gas cost ~ $0.30). After that, you can refer friends to complete the second task.

Quiz answers:

  1. A scaling solution that bundles multiple transactions off-chain while providing cryptographic proof of their validity.

  2. Ensuring the correctness of off-chains txns through cryptographic proofs

  3. Validating transactions and generating zero-knowledge proofs of off-chain data

  4. Complexity in generating and verifying zero knowledge proofs.

  5. Layer 2

  • Rabbithole quests

Gwei is really low right now, so it’ll be good to perform these two tasks:

  1. Swap on SyncSwap (fees ~ $0.21)

  2. Swap on Maverick

For more info, check out my guide on the zkSync airdrop here.

🔵 StarkNET

If you ‘zap’ at least $25 USD from the Ethereum mainnet to the StarkNET network, you’ll be able to claim this OAT on Galxe.

I sent ETH to the wstETH-ETH pool on StarkNET, and this cost me around $4.13 in gas when the gwei was 10.3.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your wallet (Braavos or Argent X), as I received this prompt.

You’ll get a chance to win 50 USDC (30 winners) if you own the Legendary NFT (by completing 4 out of 6 previous tasks).

For more info, check out my guide on the StarkNET airdrop here.

⚫ LayerZero

  • Holograph Layer3 Quest

This quest may have expired, and if you’d like to receive the latest updates for these time-sensitive events, join my Telegram channel here.

There’s a new mint that you can complete, and I’d suggest the following mints to get multiple airdrops:

  1. Mint on Polygon and bridge to another network (e.g. Optimism)

  2. Mint on Mantle to get MJ miles for the Mantle Journey campaign

  3. Mint on Zora network (new integration)

To find out more about the Mantle Journey campaign, check out my video here.

If you’ve staked some STG, you can vote on these proposals (completely free, no gas required).

This could help with the Rabbithole airdrop too.

I’d suggest minting the NFT on Zora and then bridging the NFT to Base.

A new NFT has been launched, where you can mint on any chain and bridge it to another.

I’d suggest minting the NFT on Mantle to earn more MJ miles, which you can find out more here.

Swell Protocol has partnered with LayerZero to allow bridging of swETH from Ethereum to the Arbitrum network, with future expansions to other Layer-2s.

This project already has a confirmed airdrop and there are much fewer participants compared to other projects due to the high gas fees on Ethereum. If you’d like to find out more about this campaign, check out my video guide here.

For more info, check out my guide on the LayerZero airdrop here.

📺 Ad

Did you know your airdrop wallet should be kept separate from your normal wallet?

Having your funds in the same wallet could expose it to smart contract risks, or even worse when you lose your seed phrase.

Here’s the combination that I’m using for my funds (referral links included):

  1. Airdrop wallet: Ledger Nano X connected to Metamask

  2. Cold storage wallet for buying and holding funds: Tangem (Get 10% off when you use my link)

I store minimal funds in a hot wallet, as those are the most risky. This hack that cost a prominent Twitter influencer resulted in life-changing losses, and you can find my analysis here.

⚫ Linea

  • Layer3 NFT

Join Layer3 with my referral link if you don't have an account yet, and then complete the task here.

There are quite a few DApps that you can perform transactions on the Linea network, which could help with the potential airdrop.

📜 Scroll

  • Layer3 Quest

This requires 0.005 ETH (~$9) on the Ethereum mainnet to complete the task

Join Layer3 with my referral link if you don't have an account yet, and then complete the task here.

⚫ Mantle

  • Mantle Journey Layer3 quest

If you’ve previously minted the Mantle Journey SBT, this will allow you to get XP from Layer3.

Join Layer3 with my referral link if you don't have an account yet, and then complete the task here.

To find out more about the Mantle Journey campaign, check out my video here.

Similar to Stargate, if you have staked MNT, you can vote on these proposals which earn you MJ miles too.

I performed this transaction to earn more MJ miles, and it costs around 0.12 MNT (~ $0.05) to create a multi-sig wallet.

🔵 Base

Depending on the number of points that you collected during the Onchain Summer mints, you may be eligible for one of these NFTs.

  • Rabbithole quests

I’d recommend completing the swap on BaseSwap quest, was the other 2 are pretty expensive.

⚪ Zora

There are quite a few free mints on which you can take advantage of to increase your transaction count.

What’s more, if you’ve minted your fundrop pass, you can maintain your minting streak and increase your points too.

Find out more about and Zora my Mirror guides.

🔵 Injective

💡 Others

This could be the next DeBank, and all you’ll need is to sign up with an email with my link to create your De.Fi profile.

  • Omni TaskOn Cap

Sign up for an account with my referral link, and then complete social tasks for this TaskON CAP.

You can choose either Team Resistance or Team First Order (I chose the First Order team as there are fewer participants).

You’ll need some IDE tokens which you can get from the faucet here.

After that, complete the Galxe campaigns here.

🖼️ NFT Mints

You can earn points by checking in daily and minting some free NFTs after opening your Score Care Box.

After that, claim your Token2049 NFT here.

After minting the NFT on the Polygon network, you can bridge it to the Core, Base and Mantle networks (it’ll count as LayerZero transactions for each bridge).

Total cost: $1.90 in MATIC (all transactions are on the Polygon network)

Once you've minted, complete this task on Galxe.

🚀 Galxe OATs

Mint a .omni domain for free here to get this OAT.

You’ll need to mint a domain on Mode, and this may require a large amount of fees due to congestion on the network.

Quiz 1 answers: A, C, D, B, C, B, C, C, B, E

Quiz 2 answers: C, C, B, C, B, A, C, B, D, D

Meuna is hinting at an airdrop, so it’s best to get these OATs.

This can be claimed after completing social tasks and the Burn It Down task here.

Quiz answers: A-A-C-A-A-B-B-C-A-B-A-A

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