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Huge Opportunities After 2 Major Networks Launched — Airdrop Insider Roundup #25

opBNB and Manta Pacific present more airdrop hunting opportunities for us

Hey guys,

While the markets have slightly rebounded, we have seen the launch of 2 new networks that are built on the OP Stack: opBNB and the Manta Pacific mainnet.

This is great news for us with more competitors in the L2 space as they’ll be trying to incentivise us to use their networks (hopefully with airdrops).

Which L2 network is your most heavily used? Let me know in the comments, as well as any other feedback on what you’d like to see from my newsletters.

What I did this week

Here are the main activities that I did to potentially qualify for these airdrops:

📝 Waitlist Opportunities

🟢 ZetaChain

ZetaChain has removed the swap function, and there are 2 new DApps that you can try out.

If you need some ZETA on the testnet, you can get it here.

Similar to other DEXes, you can swap and provide liquidity.

Similar to ENS, you can register a domain on the testnet.

For more info, check out my guide on the ZetaChain airdrop here.

🟣 zkSync Era

The website is a bit buggy, but you can mint some NFTs for free to increase your transaction count.

You can now create a Safe multi-sig wallet on zkSync, which was a criteria for the Optimism airdrop.

Gas cost ~ $0.29 in ETH

This costs ~ $4 in ETH so only mint it if you have the funds.

If you minted this NFT, you can claim a Discord role on AsetPay by completing this Zealy quest.

Also, don’t forget to complete your daily tasks on Layer3 to earn more XP.

For more info, check out my guide on the zkSync airdrop here.

🔵 StarkNET

  • Upgrade your Argent X or Braavos wallets

If you have not checked your Argent X or Braavos wallets in a while, it’ll be good to check if you have this prompt in your wallet. The upgrade should only cost around $0.07 in ETH.

For more info, check out my guide on the StarkNET airdrop here.

⚫ LayerZero

  • LayerZero Explorer NFT (Layer3)

If you’ve transacted on any LayerZero DApp before, you can claim this NFT.

Join Layer3 with my referral link if you don't have an account yet, and then complete the task here.

Another important task would be to mint your Nomis score, but you’ll need to pay ~ $8 in ETH on Arbitrum to mint it.

Another new NFT bridge to perform cross-chain transactions, I minted the NFT on Mantle and bridged it to Base (~ $1 in MNT).

Mantle is currently conducting the Mantle Journey campaign, which you can find out more about here.

For more info, check out my guide on the LayerZero airdrop here.

📺 Ad

Did you know your airdrop wallet should be kept separate from your normal wallet?

Having your funds in the same wallet could expose it to smart contract risks, or even worse when you lose your seed phrase.

Here’s the combination that I’m using for my funds (referral links included):

  1. Airdrop wallet: Ledger Nano X connected to Metamask

  2. Cold storage wallet for buying and holding funds: Tangem (Get 10% off when you use my link)

I store minimal funds in a hot wallet, as those are the most risky. This hack that cost a prominent Twitter influencer resulted in life-changing losses, and you can find my analysis here.

⚫ Linea

Sushi is now on Linea, and you can get this OAT by swapping ≥ $10 USD and adding ≥ $10 USD to a liquidity pool (currently only axlUSDC-ETH pool is available).

📜 Scroll

The Scroll Takeover campaign is here, and there are multiple quests to complete:

You can bridge ETH to and from the Scroll Sepolia testnet to claim this OAT.

Owlto is a fork of Orbiter, but it has hinted at an airdrop and the fees they charge are slightly cheaper than Orbiter.

You can bridge ETH from Ethereum Sepolia to Scroll Sepolia via the Orbiter testnet platform.

Similar to Orbiter and Owlto, you can bridge Sepolia ETH to Scroll.

Bridge Sepolia ETH using both Symbiosis and Rubic

You’ll need to download the Leo wallet and create a new wallet to send your funds to.

You’ll need to swap your ETH to tSPACE or GHO and add liquidity in one of the farms.

Complete both the daily and phased tasks on the Scroll Sepolia testnet to earn Beans (under Earn tab → Bounty).

After completing these 2 tasks, get your OAT on Galxe here.

For more information on SecondLive, check out my Mirror guide here.

FYI: this task requires KYC

🟡 opBNB

If you’ve completed the opBNB testnet tasks, you will be eligible to mint this NFT (total of 190,000 NFTs).

It costs around $0.04 in BNB on the opBNB mainnet. To get BNB on this network, complete this Layer3 task and get XP too.

After minting this NFT on the BNB Smart Chain, you can bridge it using Polyhedra to the opBNB Mainnet (total cost ~ $1 USD in BNB).

You’ll need some BNB on the opBNB network to claim this NFT.

Once you’re done, claim the points on Galxe here.

Complete daily logins to SecondLive to earn $BEAN and then stake them.

You can complete the Phased Task on the opBNB mainnet too after completing social tasks.

You can claim an OAT on Galxe too.

For more information on SecondLiv, check out my Mirror guide here.

Cost ~ $0.08 USD in BNB on opBNB mainnet

Gas cost ~ $0.09 in BNB

This OAT is on the BSC and not opBNB.

Cost ~ $0.09 in BNB

To mint The First Shoot NFT, you will need to buy and list an NFT to be eligible.

I just sorted the NFTs by the lowest floor price and bought one before listing it on the market.

Complete some tasks to transfer your gasless NFT on Particle to your wallet connected with Galxe.

Gas fee ~ $0.09 in BNB

Gas cost ~ $0.01 in BNB

⚪ Zora

This NFT is from the curated collection on the Zora network, so it’ll be good to mint it.

There are quite a few free mints on which you can take advantage of to increase your transaction count.

What’s more, if you’ve minted your fundrop pass, you can maintain your minting streak and increase your points too.

Find out more about and Zora my Mirror guides.

💡 Others

  • Kroma mainnet bridge

When gwei is low, you can consider bridging ETH from the mainnet to Kroma.

The bridging fee was ~ $1.46 at 14 gwei for me.

After that, you can mint the Genesis NFT here (about $0.50 in Kroma ETH).

  • Manta Pacific Mainnet

The mainnet is now live, Rhino Finance allows you to bridge ETH to this new network for free (I bridged funds from Polygon). You’ll need to bridge a minimum of $25 in ETH per transaction.

After you’re done, you can claim this OAT on Galxe.

There are not many DApps to play around with on the network, and the gas fees are quite high too.

One that you can consider is ZenDEX, where you can swap and add liquidity (to ETH-USDT pool) on the platform, before claiming the Early Supporter NFT on Zealy.

This is a new testnet, where you can bridge ETH from Sepolia to this new network.

After that, complete missions on this new testnet here.

After completing some social tasks, you can claim this SBT on the BNB Smart Chain.

🚀 Galxe OATs

You’ll need to swap > $20 USD of any token on any chain to BNB Smart Chain (I swapped 22 USDT from Polygon). The total fees were around $2 USD for this trade.

After that, claim the OAT here.

Another cross-chain AMM project, may be good to get in early.

  • Quai Network Quizzes

Quiz #1: C D D B D

Quiz #2: D D D B B

Yet another Odyssey campaign, you’ll need to bridge Goerli ETH from Arbitrum to this new network. If you need Goerli ETH, check out my video here.

Answers: C, B, B, C, B, C, C, B, C, A

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