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27 Airdrop Opportunities In 4 Minutes — Insider Roundup #42

Disappointment from the SQR airdrop.

Hey guys,

This week wasn’t as crazy as the start of 2024.

I received the SQR airdrop, but it was underwhelming given the time I put into it.


A lesson learnt from this: tasks that don't involve on-chain activities may not give a huge ROI.

On a surprising note, XAI caught me off guard. Despite being inconsistent with the testnet tasks, I still received a decent drop.

There are various testnet tasks to complete now, and I’ll be compiling the best ones in a thread soon.

Tweet Roundup

Discover the best airdrop tips I posted on Twitter this week:

$100 Wallet Updates

I started a challenge where I’m aiming to grow my wallet with airdrops starting with just $100.


Here are some updates:

If you’d like to join me on this journey, I’ll be documenting everything I do in this thread.

Follow me on Twitter for more airdrop threads.

Confirmed airdrops

What I did this week

Here are the main activities that I did to potentially qualify for these airdrops:

Waitlist Opportunities



I’m using Merkly to increase the number of source and destination chains interacted.

Full details in the thread.



While the caps have been filled, you can get some SWTH as gas first.

Secure your funds with this 2-wallet strategy

Did you know your airdrop wallet should be kept separate from your normal wallet?

Having your funds in the same wallet could expose it to smart contract risks, or even worse when you lose your seed phrase.

Here’s the combination that I’m using for my funds (referral links included):

  1. Airdrop wallet: Ledger Nano X connected to Metamask

  2. Cold storage wallet for buying and holding funds: Tangem (Get 10% off when you use my link)

I store minimal funds in a hot wallet, as those are the most risky. This hack that cost a prominent Twitter influencer resulted in life-changing losses, and you can find my analysis here.


  • Earn 200 LXP

    • Option A: Activate the Star Legend Resonators on Linea

    • Option B: Activate any amount of ETH/USDT on Linea using zkBridge

  • A role is now available on the Linea server for individuals who own a Testnet NFT in the #collabland channel.


Manta Pacific


Join the Mantle Journey here if you have not done so.

Polygon zkEVM


Users can join the campaign from November 27, 2023, at 09:00 UTC to January 28, 2024, at 23:59 UTC. A new Phase will be introduced each week.

Guide for WEMIX task here

Full details on claiming the Kroma Trader badge here.




NFT Mints

Galxe OATs

Quiz answers: C D D D A

Referral Links

Check out all my referral links for potential airdrops here.

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