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17 Airdrop Opportunities In 3 Minutes — Insider Roundup #47

Starknet was disappointing, but we move on.

Hey guys,

The Starknet airdrop distribution was a huge disappointment.

I was lucky to hit the 0.005 ETH minimum requirement, but I’m sure many of you did not make it.

But, we have to move on as there are plenty of tokenless opportunities available.

One setback is not the end of the world. So long as you consistently interact with tokenless protocols, you will see profits soon.

P.S. I created a 5-day beginner email crash course on the basics of airdrop hunting. Check it out here.

Tweet Roundup

Discover the best airdrop tips I posted on Twitter this week:

Confirmed airdrops

What I did this week

Here are the main activities that I did to potentially qualify for these airdrops:

🟢 ZetaChain

  • ZetaChain Weekly Tasks

Don’t forget to do your weekly tasks.

How I complete them with < $0.10 here.


1,000,000 STRK Raffle - Starknet Airdrop - Braavos Wallet

🟣 zkSync

Want to beat 99% of airdrop hunters?

Airdrop hunting does not have to be a solo affair.

If you want to win at airdrops together:

Gain access to premium features like a private Telegram group, monthly community calls, and priority replies to your DMs.

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Galxe OATs

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