20 Airdrop Opportunities In 3 Minutes — Insider Roundup #54

Hey guys,

Gwei was surprisingly low this weekend, and I took advantage of this to perform some Ethereum transactions.

I shared a thread here on the top 2-in-1 opportunities on the mainnet.

Kamino was the only major drop this week, and it showed that lending-borrowing platform airdrops are not the most profitable airdrops.

But if they’re on a tokenless network (like Scroll or Linea), then it’s still worth interacting to generate volume on the network.

Tweet Roundup

Discover the best airdrop tips I posted on Twitter this week:

Confirmed airdrops

What I did this week

Here are the main activities that I did to potentially qualify for these airdrops:

zkSync Era

This makes it easier for you to push transactions with your multi-sig, as I previously was only able to send ETH to other wallets with the multi-sig.

You can pair this with the Gnosis Safe Layer3 quests to earn 2 CUBEs.

Want to beat 99% of airdrop hunters?

Airdrop hunting does not have to be a solo affair.

If you want to win at airdrops together:

Gain access to premium features like a private Telegram group, monthly community calls, and priority replies to your DMs.

Upgrade Now


Linea Voyage's "The Surge" event allows you to earn LXP-L by providing liquidity with any account, with a minimum of 0.1 ETH or wETH to qualify for the Early Adopter Multiplier and will continue across six Volts or until reaching a TVL of 3B.

The campaign will be divided into 6 phases, or what they call 6 Volts (1 Volt = 1 month), with each volt having a different theme depending on the type of DeFi.

The snapshot for Early Adopters has not happened yet, and it will most likely be on April 15th.

If you want to participate, here are the dApps I recommend:


Claim the Layer3 CUBE here.


This requires $IMAGINE to mint the token, which you can get it on Uniswap.


Backed by Binance Labs, this protocol on Merlin L2 acts as an LST for staked BTC. I’ll be sharing a thread on what I did on this L2 soon.


Galxe OATs

Check out all my referral links for potential airdrops here.

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