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Another Linea milking campaign with $101 spent

The milking continues for Linea with this latest Intract campaign (ends 26 June).

No confirmation about the LXP-L, but I'm doing it for the on-chain footprint.

A breakdown of the amounts I used:

  • Capital required: $80

  • Total fees I paid: $21

Here's how I completed this campaign:

DeFi Rush (Fomo Edition) Campaign

Intract just launched the DeFi Rush (Fomo Edition) campaign, with LXP-L promised as the reward.

Most likely, you only get LXP-L based on your deposited amount.

So feel free to skip this campaign if it's too costly for you.

But I want to use this to boost my on-chain footprint on Linea, so I completed all 3 tasks:

The easiest (and cheapest quest of all), I completed it with these steps:

  • Deposit > $20 of USDC on Mendi

  • Borrow > $20 of wrsETH

  • Deposit wrsETH on Mendi

This quest has a crazy lockup period, but 20 NILE is < $20.

I spent 18.6 USDC for 20 NILE when swapping using @JumperExchange.

Even though Kyber had the best route, the execution kept reverting when I tried to make the swap.

So I used Odos instead and staked the NILE for 4 years.

Clip Finance

There are 2 transactions to complete for this task:

  • Deposit ≥ $25 in 1 transaction

  • Deposit ≥ $75 in another transaction

Fee for each deposit and withdrawal: 0.0002 ETH (~ $0.75)

In total, I spent $2.25 in ETH to deposit twice and withdraw all of the funds.

Final Thoughts

LXP-L likely builds up only if you keep your funds in these protocols.

But I've withdrawn from both Mendi and Clip, so only the 20 NILE I've deposited may count.

Either way, gas is significantly cheaper now and I spent < $0.20 for each transaction.

If you have not joined the Linea Surge yet, feel free to use my referral below:

Linea Surge Referral

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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