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Another underfarmed campaign that everyone's ignoring

Another campaign that everyone’s ignoring:

@Davos_Protocol’s Linea Peaks Pursuit on Intract.

(Only 1.5k participants)

Here’s how I completed these 4 tasks with $200 (the campaign ends on 29 June):

Davos Protocol Overview

Davos is a collateralised stablecoin protocol, similar to Gravita/Lyve/Satoshi Protocol.

Total funding: $500k with 2 undisclosed rounds.

You deposit an asset like ETH/LRTs and mint the DUSD stablecoin.

Davos has a points system (or Peaks) that could be used for its airdrop.

There are 4 tasks to complete for this Intract campaign:

  • Social tasks

  • Adding DUSD/USDC liquidity

  • Minting DUSD with STONE + weETH

Intract Quest

Here’s how I completed them:

Adding Liquidity

No minimum was required, and I was verified after adding $0.20 to the DUSD/USDC pool.

But the harder task involved minting DUSD:

Minting DUSD

The final 2 tasks involve depositing weETH and STONE as collateral to mint DUSD.

But to open a position, the minimum DUSD required is 100.

So I used these amounts to open a position:

  • 0.049 STONE

  • 0.05 weETH

This may change based on the price, and I recommend having a higher LTV so that your position does not get liquidated.

(I.e. depositing more ETH than required to achieve a safe LTV ratio.)

I used the same capital for both positions, and these were the steps I did:

  1. Deposited ETH to borrow weETH on Mendi

  2. Minted DUSD with weETH as collateral

  3. Paid back DUSD and withdrew weETH

  4. Repaid weETH and withdrew ETH

  5. Swapped ETH to STONE

  6. Minted DUSD with STONE as collateral

  7. Paid back DUSD and withdrew STONE

  8. Swapped STONE back to ETH

The process is complicated, which is exactly why no one would do it.

So I’m hoping that this campaign gives a boost for Davos’ potential airdrop.

At least gas on Linea is reasonable, so I did not spend that much in fees.

If you still have not signed up for Linea Surge yet, use my referral and start earning LXP-L:

Linea Surge Referral

Other Strategies to Earn LXP-L

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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