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How I got a 50 points boost for Rabby's Season 2

Rabby's Free Gas feature is great for newcomers, but horrible for airdrop hunters like me who have gas on 40+ blockchains.

Triggering the Free Gas feature is not as easy as it seems.

But I finally found the best route to get the Free Gas badge on DeBank:

(+50 points for the first 100k wallets in Season 2)

Here's what I did to claim it (42k badges left):

Rabby's Free Gas Feature Across 58 Chains

Rabby offers the free gas feature across 58 chains.

The full list can be found below:

Rabby's Free Gas Feature

Here was my initial plan:

  • Swap the max amount of ETH to WETH on Optimism

  • Trigger the Free Gas feature when swapping WETH back to ETH

But this plan completely failed.

I tried performing the swap on Magpie but received this ‘gas limit too high’ error.

I tried this transaction on other DApps too but faced this error:

Some DApps won’t allow you to post the transaction if you have insufficient gas.

The worst part is that you can’t post a transaction if you don’t have any funds on that particular network (e.g. swapping or lending).

After racking my brains, I finally found the best route to trigger the Free Gas transaction:

@gasdotzip allows you to bridge small amounts of gas to other chains, especially if ETH is not the native gas token.

If you use LayerZero with, you get an extra LayerZero transaction.

For example, the max ASTR I could bridge to Astar L1 (not Astar zkEVM) was 0.05 ASTAR (or $0.0044).

Which is not enough gas for one transaction.

I paid $0.14 as the LayerZero fee to get ASTR.

So I swapped ASTR to USDC on Arthswap and triggered the gas-free transaction.


The key idea of this strategy is to:

  • Bridge over a small amount of gas tokens to a network with cheap gas

  • Swap that token to another one via a DEX to trigger the Free Gas feature

If you have multiple wallets, it’s best not to use the same route.

So here are other networks I bridged to with using the same strategy:

Once that’s done, don’t forget to claim your free gas badge:

DeBank Free Gas Badge

If you’re in the first 100k wallets to claim the badge, you’ll earn an extra 50 points for Season 2.

Use my code ‘FIPCRYPTO’ for a 200-point boost if you haven’t signed up for Season 2 yet.

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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