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I walk you through delegating $W (do this before 10 June)

Delegating $W is overly complex.

Since the airdrop was done on Solana, why not conduct governance there?

But completing this task before June 10 might just secure you the Monad airdrop.

I walk you through the entire process (which costs $6):

Wormhole Governance on @TallyXYZ

Wormhole governance is done on @tallyxyz, which only supports EVM chains.

Meanwhile, if you claimed the Wormhole airdrop, it was done on Solana.

So I do not understand why they had to make it so complicated.

Wormhole Governance

If this is your first time on Tally, here are the steps to delegating W:

1. Select Your Delegate

You can either delegate your W tokens to yourself or another delegate.

You could delegate funds to me too (which I'd greatly appreciate).

2. Bridge W from Solana to an EVM Network

If your W is on Solana (like me), you could bridge it to any of these networks:

  • Base

  • Optimism

  • Arbitrum

  • Ethereum mainnet

I chose Base to push more transactions on this L2.

Wormhole charges a 0.001062 SOL bridging fee (~ $0.17), but in total, I paid 0.005 SOL ($0.81) for this transaction.

3. Confirm Your Stake

Tally offers a free transaction, but I decided to pay the gas fee for delegating since it costs < $0.01.

4. Claim the Steakorrr Role on Galxe

This Discord role could qualify you for the Monad airdrop, though the amount you stake will play a factor too.

Claim Steakorrr Role

I only delegated 87, and I regret not buying more when W dumped badly.

The annoying part is that you'll need to pass an anti-sybil check by Nomis, which costs 8 MATIC (~ $5.5).

If your wallet has significant on-chain activity on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, you should have no problem in getting a good score.

Feel free to use my referral link for Nomis: Nomis Referral

Right now, I can't verify the task to get the role, so I think it's only possible after Monday.

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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