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I'm doing this overdiluted campaign to stack other airdrops

Chapter 3 of the @BNBCHAIN Airdrop Alliance is out and I expect it to be overdiluted (ends 26 June).

But I see this as an opportunity to stack with other airdrops, so I’m still participating in it.

There are 5 tasks to complete and I’ve shortlisted 2 of them that maximize your airdrop potential:

BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance Campaign

The BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance offers points and tokens for 8 projects by completing certain tasks.

There are 2 levels for this campaign, and it’s very doable to qualify for Level 2.

You just need to complete 1 of these 5 tasks to reach this tier:

  • Deposit ≥ 50 USDT on KiloEX 5 times

  • Deposit ≥ $50 in the BNB/THE ICHI vault on THENA

  • Stake ≥ 0.0008 BTCB in SolvBTC on Solv (Unstaking available in July)

  • Trade ≥ $50 on BNB Chain on Vooi

  • Stake ≥ $50 in BNB on Stader for ≥ 5 days

Selected Projects for Airdrop Potential

I chose to interact with these 2 projects due to their airdrop potential:

  • Vooi (using KiloEX)

  • Solv (deposit BTCB for solvBTC)

@vooi_io is a perps DEX aggregator for both KiloEX + Orderly.

It's essentially a 3-in-1 when you make a trade on BSC (using KiloEX).

I prefer this over depositing 50 USDT 5 times into KiloEX.

And Vooi is funded by Binance Labs too.

Vooi does not have TP/SL orders so I still had to create them on the KiloEX app instead.

The $50 trade amount is based on your margin, and not the leveraged volume.

I thought that by making a $200 trade (20 X $10 margin), I would qualify for Level 2.

But I was only eligible for Level 1, and I had to make another $15 trade to hit Level 2.

If trading on perps DEXes sounds scary, you can copy the framework I use to generate trading volume with minimal losses:

My Trading Strategy

Solv Protocol

Another alternative is @SolvProtocol, which offers the SolvBTC liquid-yield token for BTC.

I've already interacted with Solv on BEVM and Merlin.

I deposited BTCB to get SolvBTC, and unstaking is only available in July.

0.0008 BTCB is ~ $50, so it's still a reasonable amount.

If you need BTCB, you could send BTC to Binance and withdraw via BSC.

Solv is backed by Binance Labs and raised $11 million so far (2 rounds undisclosed).

It mentioned that verification is only done at the end of the campaign, so you may not hit Level 2 before that.

Final Thoughts

I’m not expecting much from BNB Chain’s prize pool, given how diluted it will be.

So by interacting with tokenless protocols, at least I’m covering all bases.

Projects funded by Binance Labs have given decent returns so far, so I hope that these 2 projects could do the same.

If you found value from this guide, feel free to use my referral links below:

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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