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Linea's Voyage Campaign Ending May 8 - My Insider Roundup #6

Meme coins have made transactions so expensive...

Hey guys,

meme coin fever is back again with $PEPE and this has made the Ethereum network so congested.

Hopefully, the hype will die down soon so that transactions can be cheaper again, as I paid $1 for a simple transaction on Optimism…

The Big Story: Sui Mainnet is LIVE

After all the drama where Sui declared that it’s not doing an airdrop, the mainnet was launched and those who got into the token sale managed to make quite a profit.

While there’s no airdrop for the Sui token, there could still be some opportunities for free airdrops by interacting with different projects on the network.

I claimed some NFTs on the mainnet, including:

  1. Martian NFT (you’ll need to import your seed phrase to Martian Wallet to claim this)

  2. Suiet Wallet NFT

  3. Sui Mainnet Moment NFT

If you’ve previously minted the Capy NFT on the testnet which I mentioned in my previous newsletter, you could be eligible for a token airdrop.

If you still have some testnet SUI tokens, I would recommend that you try for the ObjectSwap airdrop, which has an incentivized testnet.

You can find out more about this in my Mirror guide.

What I did this week

Here’s a breakdown of the various activities I did:

Minting Alpha Insider NFTs (6 networks)

Alpha Insiders launched a series of NFTs across 6 networks (zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Scroll, Mantle and Base).

I’ve minted these NFTs across all 6 networks (10 each on the testnets, and 1 each for zkSync Era and Polygon zkEVM).

The total supply is 10,000, but it’s still far off from the target so there’s still a chance to get these NFTs.

This is a great opportunity to interact with more smart contracts on the various networks, especially if you’re looking to get an airdrop on any of these networks.

Vibe allowlist (Arbitrum)

Arbitrum recently tweeted about this project, and I entered their allowlist that will end on May 7.

Preparing for the zkLend mainnet launch

zkLend is a lending platform that is set to go live on StarkNET. With the mainnet launch, they require you to perform some Gleam quests, and there are only 2 days left to complete them all.

Providing Liquidity on Davos

Davos is a protocol that is highly rumoured to perform an airdrop, and they have just launched a promotion until

You can check out the full steps here from Davos’ Twitter account.

After that, you can complete some tasks on QuestN.

For other ways to interact with Davos Protocol, check out my guide on Mirror.

Teva Run (zkSync)

There’s a ‘major surprise campaign’ (airdrop possibly?) that could be launching soon, and all you’ll need is to play TevaRun for at least 10 matches.

It’s a pretty fun game, and quite similar to another game that I played before, just that I can’t remember what’s it called…

I think you do not need to mint a Citizen ID to play the game, and you can just play it straight away.

There are lots of other activities you can do on the zkSync Era mainnet, and check out my video guide here for more info.

Voting for a new Stargate proposal

Stargate has just launched a new proposal, and if you’re farming for the LayerZero airdrop, it’s best for you to stake some STG and vote on this (completely free, no gas required).

For more ways to farm the LayerZero airdrop, check out my complete guide here.

🪞 New posts on Mirror

Here are some mini airdrop guides that I posted on Mirror:

  • VivaLeva (Airdrop CONFIRMED, ends May 22nd)

Subscribe to my Mirror blog as I upload quick and easy airdrop guides that you can follow along!

Get a FREE airdrop tracker

I’ve created a Notion site to keep track of all the airdrops that I’m looking to earn from, including both project and network tokens.

If you’d like to access it, you can subscribe to my Substack below,

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and you’ll receive the link in your welcome email!

🔗 Zealy links

Zealy (previously known as Crew3) is a questboard that allows projects to create tasks for you to complete, earning you some XP.

The level that you have for each dashboard may be a prerequisite to qualify for a certain allocation of the airdrop, and you can check out some of them below.

P.S. These are all of my referral links to these different questboards!


  1. Shardeum (L2)

  2. Mantle (L2)

  3. 5ireChain

  4. ZetaChain

  5. Lamina1

  6. Metatime

Cross-Chain Bridges

  1. Beamer

  2. Jumper Exchange

Decentralised Applications (DApps) on zkSync Era

  1. DogeFarm (Meme Coin)

  2. BabyDoge ERA (Meme Coin)

  3. SpaceFi (DEX)

  4. zkSwap (DEX)

Decentralised Applications (DApps) on Mantle

  1. FusionX (DEX)

  2. MantleSwap (DEX)

Decentralised Applications (DApps) on Sui

  1. Sui Name Service

  2. SuiSwap

  3. SuiDEX

  4. SuiPad


  1. UrDEX (Arbitrum)

  2. Aark Digital (Arbitrum)

  3. Swapped Finance (Shardeum)

  4. Braavos (StarkNET Wallet)

  5. Norion

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