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My Insider Tips Round #4 - Lots Of Activities Still To Be Done

Meme coins stole the show

Hey guys,

another crazy week has happened, with lots of new tasks to complete across various projects.

The Big Story: Meme Coins Went Crazy

If you were eligible for the Arbitrum airdrop, there were tons of meme coins that were airdropped to you this week, like AIDOGE.

While I’m personally not trading them, it does highlight the potential of getting even more bang for your buck when you qualify for certain airdrops (you would have gotten a free $30 if you sold AIDOGE at the start).

This also shows us that if a network takes off like Arbitrum, other projects may join the bandwagon and offer us some of these free incentives too.

As a result, I hope that you can join me on this journey as we try to qualify for other airdrops that could be really beneficial too!

What I did this week

Here’s a breakdown of the various activities I did:

Providing Liquidity to JediSwap (StarkNET)

JediSwap is currently running a liquidity competition spanning all the way till July 25 2023.

All you’ll need is to add liquidity of ≥ $25 for at least 30 days, and I’d suggest adding it to a stablecoin pool so that the value does not fluctuate.

You can check out some of the other actions I did to qualify for the StarkNET airdrop here:

Swapped on new DEXes

New DEXes have been launched on various networks, including Zada Finance on Scroll.

The steps are similar to other DEXes, where you can swap tokens and add liquidity.

You can check out my strategy for the Scroll testnet below 👇

EchoDEX on the Linea network is another DEX, and you can mint an NFT to be counted as an early adopter.

Other steps for the Linea airdrop can be found here 👇

Maverick is a new DEX on zkSync Era, and this is on the mainnet, so you’ll need to use real-life funds.

They are currently running a Galxe campaign, where you can claim an On-Chain Achievement Token (OAT).

You will need to swap >$10 and add add liquidity to the DEX (preferably in the ETH-USDC pool).

However, the gas fees were extremely expensive, and I spent USD $4.29 for this ‘add liquidity’ transaction.


A new gaming Layer-2 built on top of the Polygon network, and you could potentially qualify for an airdrop.

It’s still in the testnet version, and you can sign up for an account using my referral link.

You can check out my full guide on Mirror on how to claim both Lvl 1 and 2 NFTs on Galxe.

More gaming ecosystems on zkSync Era

A gaming ecosystem has been launched on zkSync Era, and you can try your luck in their raffle on Galxe (ending in 1 day!)

Metazeus is another gaming ecosystem, and they’ve launched a Galxe campaign too.

Moreover, they mentioned that you could receive “special rewards” in the future…

Minting is done on the Polygon network so it only costs me 3 cents to do so.

Here are the other steps I did for the zkSync airdrop:

Sui Capys

While Sui previously announced that they would not be doing an airdrop, they reopened their Capy NFT collection.

If you have Sui tokens in your wallet, you can mint 2 Capys,

and then mix both of them

We do not know for sure what this would do, but could there be an eventual airdrop after all the backlash they received?

Galxe Campaign for LayerZero

Cashmere is a new protocol built on top of LayerZero, and they are still in the testnet version.

They are currently running an Early Adopter Galxe campaign which can be completed by doing some simple tasks.

Check out my full guide on Mirror for more information.

Trying for the potential Beamer Bridge airdrop

Beamer is one of the bridges that is rumoured to be doing an airdrop, as they have no token yet.

They’ve launched a Zealy questboard, and I performed a bridging transaction from Arbitrum to Optimism.

Check out my Mirror guide for more information.

Arbitrum Nova Layer3 Quest

Layer3 launched a new quest for the Arbitrum Nova network.

The quest requires you to bridge funds from Arbitrum to Arbitrum Nova using either LayerSwap or the official Arbitrum Bridge.

I'd recommend using Layerswap because there could be an airdrop in the future too 👀

FYI: Sei Sunken Treasures is still on!

The Sei Sunken Treasures campaign came back for another 48 hours, and here’s how you can get one of these NFTs.

If you’d like to keep updated on all of these activities that I’m performing, do join my Telegram channel where I’ll be sharing them whenever I find them!

📺 Videos Uploaded

Here’s a guide on how to qualify for the Mantle airdrop (possibly getting BIT tokens when the mainnet launches).

On top of these actions, I’ve just discovered the FusionX DEX, which is similar to MantleSwap.

You can perform the same actions such as swapping tokens and adding liquidity.

Another video I did was on LayerZero, which is one of the most-hyped airdrops after their recent $3 billion valuation. More info here 👇

Get a FREE airdrop tracker

I’ve created a Notion site to keep track of all the airdrops that I’m looking to earn from, including both project and network tokens.

If you’d like to access it, you can subscribe to my Substack below,

Subscribe now

and you’ll receive the link in your welcome email!

🔗 Zealy links

Zealy (previously known as Crew3) is a questboard that allows projects to create tasks for you to complete, earning you some XP.

The level that you have for each dashboard may be a prerequisite to qualify for a certain allocation of the airdrop, and you can check out some of them below.

P.S. these are all of my referral links to these different questboards!


  1. Shardeum (L2)

  2. Mantle (L2)

  3. 5ireChain

  4. ZetaChain

  5. Lamina1

Cross-Chain Bridges

  1. Beamer

  2. Jumper Exchange

Decentralised Applications (DApps) on Mantle

  1. FusionX (DEX)

  2. MantleSwap (DEX)

Decentralised Applications (DApps) on Sui

  1. Sui Name Service

  2. SuiSwap

  3. SuiDEX

  4. SuiPad


  1. UrDEX (Arbitrum)

  2. Aark Digital (Arbitrum)

  3. DogeFarm (zkSync)

  4. SpaceFi (zkSync)

  5. Swapped Finance (Shardeum)

  6. Braavos (StarkNET Wallet)

  7. Norion


There’s lots of activities to perform as an airdrop farmer, and let me know in the comments what airdrops you’re targeting!

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