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My essential list of Ethereum transactions to complete (when gwei is low)

An opportunity like this may never come again. Gwei is at an all-time low, hovering around 3-10.

After burning ~ $274 on the mainnet to create a solid on-chain footprint for my wallets, I spent 6 hours compiling an essential list of Ethereum transactions to complete, with estimated costs.

Why is it worth burning fees on these transactions?

I am a firm believer in creating a strong on-chain footprint with your airdrop wallet.

Mainnet transactions are the ultimate Sybil filter, as industrial farms won’t waste hundreds on these interactions. It improves your on-chain reputation and could help you qualify for airdrops. I qualified for 100 EIGEN just by restaking $0.33 stETH.

I took reference from on-chain reputation platforms like @EtherScore and @phi_xyz to come up with this list of transactions to complete.

Disclaimer: These are the fees that I paid for each transaction. You may pay more if the current gwei is higher than when I performed these transactions.

I will update this article whenever I push more Ethereum transactions.


Third-party bridges

Swaps on DEXes

  • Uniswap Gas at 3.2 gwei: $1.51

  • Curve Gas at 3.1 gwei: $1.78

  • Balancer Gas at 4.1 gwei: $1.91

  • MetaMask Swap Gas at 9.6 gwei: $5.40

    MetaMask charges 0.875% per swap, but I did this to get another EtherScore badge.

  • Sushiswap (Unwrap WETH to ETH) Gas at 3.7 gwei: $0.50 (approval) + $0.66 (unwrap)

  • Jumper (Swap) Gas at 11.5 gwei: $6.07

NFT mints


  • Stake MATIC Gas at 10.6 gwei: $7.74

    I shared why I staked $505 worth of MATIC in this post.

  • Stake ALT Gas at 5 gwei: $0.48 (approval) + $1.49 (stake for stALT) + $0.49 (stALT approval) + $2.01 (convert stALT to reALT) + $0.90 (opt-in)

    Staking ALT involves a few transactions, including getting stALT, converting to reALT, and delegating into Launchpool vaults.

  • Stake AAVE Gas at 3.4 gwei: $1.93

    You’d have to swap to AAVE first and can use Balancer/Curve/Uniswap as mentioned above.

  • Stake GTC Gas at 4.3 gwei: $0.59 (approve) + $1.02 (stake) Staking >= 5 GTC helps you get these perks:

    • Etherscore badge

    • Phi object

    • 1.04 boost to your Gitcoin passport score

  • Stake EIGEN Gas at 4 gwei: $0.77 (approval) + $2.07 (stake)

Liquid Staking


Just interacting with EigenLayer gave me 100 EIGEN, and I'm hoping Karak does another similar drop.

  • EigenLayer Gas at 4.3 gwei: $0.92 (approval) + $2.78 (stake)

  • Karak Gas at 3.9 gwei: $0.61 (approval) + $1.60 (stake)

    Invite codes: 8cjAj, 2QPI2, b6tE8, 38Vv1, vo8kT

Liquid restaking

L2 Deposits

Could these projects award a minimum allocation like EIGEN? Since you hold some LSTs, it’s worth depositing some to these L2s for additional exposure:

  • Swell L2 Gas at 3.7 gwei: $0.55 (approval) + $0.88 (stake)

  • Zircuit Gas at 3.7 gwei: $0.61 (approval) + $0.85 (stake)

  • Kroma Spectrum Gas at 3.4 gwei: $5.08

Adding liquidity

This transaction usually costs the most gas, and is expensive even at low gwei:

  • Balancer Gas at 3.58 gwei: $0.55 (approval) + $2.40 (add liquidity) Staking liquidity tokens (3.7 gwei): $0.54 (approval) + $4.02 (stake)

    No balanced proportion was needed, I deposited ETH into the ETH-stETH pool. Staking is optional, but I burned more fees since gwei was low.

  • Curve Gas at 3.53 gwei: $1.51 (add liquidity)

    No balanced proportion was needed too, I deposited ETH into the ETH-stETH pool.

  • Uniswap Gas at 3.6 gwei: $0.60 (approval) + $4.44 (add liquidity)

    Adding liquidity to Curve and Balancer gets you Phi objects. But for Uniswap, you can only claim the object if you’ve added ≥ 100 DAI in liquidity.

    You have to add liquidity in a balanced proportion, so I did this with ETH + USDC so I only needed to pay gas for 1 token approval.

DeFi activities

  • Lend and borrow on Aave Gas at 3.6 gwei: $2.3 (deposit) + $2.92 (borrow)

    I deposited ETH and borrowed a small amount of stETH.

  • Deposit on Fluid Gas at 4.3 gwei: $1.31

    Another money market like Aave that offers decent yields.

  • Mint USDe from other stablecoins Gas at 3.7 gwei: $0.67 (approval) + $1.92 (mint)

    Given how big Ethena is becoming, holding USDe is bound to be a future Web3 badge.

  • Stake USDe for sUSDe Gas at 3.2 gwei: $0.5 (approval) + $0.87 (stake)

  • Clusters domain Gas at 3.3 gwei: $0.29 (gas) + 0.01 ETH (minting fee)

    Optional since it’s linked to LayerZero, but it’s still good to have if you can afford it.

  • Create and execute a transaction on Safe wallet Gas at 5.4 gwei: $4.35 (create) + $0.84 (execute)

    I sent funds to my multi-sig before signing a transaction to send that ETH back to my wallet.

  • Deploy a smart contract Gas at 3.2 gwei: $16.98

    Probably the most expensive transaction you’d do. I used the OpenZeppelin and Remix IDE combo to deploy my smart contract. If you need help with this, feel free to refer to my video guide below (this was for Base but you can change the network to Ethereum).

Total transactions on the mainnet: 75

Total fees burnt: $274

This does not include the capital I used to stake my funds etc.

So I’d suggest putting a small bit into every protocol, if not you’ll burn through your capital pretty quickly.

But if we don't do these transactions now, we may never get another opportunity where gwei is so low. So I'm taking this as an investment to boost all of my airdrop wallets' on-chain footprint on Ethereum.

An extra combo to maximize your Ethereum transactions

I’m using this double combo so that the fees I've burnt do not go to waste:

I added my custom Lava RPC endpoint to Zerion and signed transactions there. Do let me know if you have other suggestions to boost your Ethereum transaction count while gwei is still low.

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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