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Only 175 wallets completed this testnet task

I stopped doing testnet campaigns as 90% are a waste of time.

But I couldn’t ignore this one:

@cronos_chain zkEVM’s Galxe campaign only has 2k+ participants (ends 1 July).

But to gain an edge and be one of the top wallets:

I share how I completed the ‘hardest’ task (only 175 have done it):

Overview of Cronos zkEVM's Campaign

Cronos plans to launch their zkEVM this year, and their testnet campaign is seriously underfarmed.

This campaign involves a few tasks:

  • Bridging tokens from Sepolia to Cronos’s testnet

  • Sending CRO (gas token) to another wallet

  • Deploying a smart contract

Galxe Campaign

But deploying a smart contract isn’t enough, and this is the hardest task to complete:

Getting 3 wallets (excluding yours) to interact with your smart contract.

Here’s how I did it in < 15 minutes:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Deploy a Smart Contract

This can be done via the Cronos site, but it’s quite buggy.

(I could only deploy the smart contract via Rabby.)

Deploy Smart Contract

After the transaction is confirmed, don’t forget to take note of the smart contract address.

This will be useful later.

Even if you did not, you could still find your new token in Cronos’ block explorer:

(Under the Token Holdings tab on the left-hand side)

Cronos Block Explorer

2. Send Your Token to 3 Other Addresses

In the first step, you were asked to specify the number of tokens to mint.

So you could send a small amount of each token to each wallet.

But wouldn’t I get labelled as a Sybil?

To play it safe, I recommend not sending your tokens to another wallet that you’re using for airdrops.

Instead, here’s what I did:

Create 3 wallets tagged to a new seed phrase.

These are completely new wallets that have zero on-chain history.

Here’s how I created them on MetaMask:

Create New Wallets

I sent my deployed token to these 3 wallets, but that’s not enough to get verified.

So I had to complete this extra step:

3. Get zkTCRO on These Wallets

To complete the final task, the new wallets have to interact with your deployed smart contract.

i.e. The wallet has to execute an on-chain transaction with your deployed token.

Since the wallets were completely new, I sent 0.1 zkTCRO to each wallet.

zkTCRO is the gas token for the Cronos zkEVM testnet.

This helps to complete the weekly '7 transactions' task too:

Weekly Transactions Task

4. Send Your Token Within These 3 Wallets

Since there’s no DEX on Cronos, I transferred my deployed token between these 3 wallets.

Once all of my 'family' wallets transacted with my deployed token, I was able to verify this task on Galxe.

This underrated testnet campaign was shared on my Discord server a few weeks ago.

Join us here to gain access to underfarmed opportunities early:

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