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Only 20k slots for this underrated campaign

Kroma awarded a surprise airdrop booster to just 9,816 participants for their first Pro Gamer campaign.

And there's still a chance to position yourself with Season 2 (only 20k slots).

While they claim that you only pay $4 to complete every task in this campaign:

Here’s how much I actually paid in total:

@kroma_network’s KRO airdrop is coming soon, and part of the allocation is reserved for the Kroma Creative Universe (KCU).

Season 2 of the Pro Gamer campaign rewards up to 50 Ore NFTs, which can be used for the KCU campaign.

Ores are used to unlock KRO token rewards in the upcoming campaign.

Completing every task for Season 2 earns you 2 Mystic Alloys (second rarity after Ores).

But these Ores are FCFS for the first 20k participants, so I recommend completing them ASAP.

Here’s a full breakdown of the costs I paid:

Quest #1: Bridge to Kroma

Bridge to Kroma

I could verify this task immediately as I used the Kroma bridge previously.

But since gwei is so low right now, it should not cost > $4 in transaction fees.

Here are other Ethereum transactions I did to boost my on-chain footprint:

My Ethereum Transactions

Quest #2: AtDawn


Cost to mint this NFT: 0.0008 ETH (~ $2.71)

Quest #3: Baccarat with EFIHub

Baccarat with EFIHub

What annoys me most about this platform is that it doesn’t support Rabby.

So I had to use MetaMask instead.

The site suggested ‘max base fee’ setting was high, and I had to pay an estimated $0.93 for the transaction.

But I reduced the setting to 0.0011 gwei, so it now costs < $0.01.

Quest #4: Masala Express

Masala Express

Another boring game without any on-chain tasks.

I had to download this on my phone to complete the task.

After completing the tutorial, I submitted my device ID to verify the task.

Quest #5: Clutch


This was the most ridiculous task.

To get 100 DAIMO, I had to send 0.99 USDT to the specified address.

But it does not accept USDT on Kroma.

Instead, I had to send USDT via either of these networks:

  • TRC20

  • ERC20

It’s a good thing that I had some USDT in a TRC20 wallet to send over.

I first tried sending via Binance, but the minimum withdrawal was 8 USDT.

Quest #6: Eternis


I spent 0.001 ETH (~ $3.49) to mint the NFT for this task.

Quest #7: Metal Alloy

Metal Alloy

After completing all 6 tasks, I could claim 2 Mystic Alloy NFTs.

These are the materials with higher value for the KCU campaign, so it’s worth completing every task to get them.

Total Cost

Total cost I incurred: $10.21

Expected cost (if you need to use the mainnet bridge): $14

So it’s not $4 as what Kroma claimed in their blog post.

But at least I won’t be burning another 0.01 ETH on that ridiculous Motodex NFT.

Apart from Intract, here’s another campaign to check out:

Overtake World

The good news is that gas fees are cheap on Kroma and cost < $0.01.

With Kroma joining the OP Superchain, I want to push more transactions on this L2.

I’m convinced that having a strong on-chain footprint on every Superchain L2 will be beneficial in the long run.

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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