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The 3-in-1 airdrop combo that no one will complete

The hidden 3-in-1 airdrop combo that many would skip (ends 5 June).

Just doing one campaign could help you bag these airdrops:

  • Phi ($2 million funded)

  • Zora ($60 million funded)

  • Farcaster ($180 million funded)

These were the steps I did to complete it:

Phi is an on-chain reputation platform where you mint objects that represent on-chain tasks you've completed.

They just launched a new campaign that involves these steps:

  • Create a land on Phi

  • Export the image of your land and post it on Zora

  • Share your land on Warpcast/X

If your post gets selected by Phi, they will max-mint your NFT which gives you ETH earnings and greater visibility.

Here's how I participated in this campaign:

1. Claim Items on Phi

You would have to complete certain on-chain tasks to claim each object.

I have 110,500 XP from completing these quests.

Most of them involve Ethereum transactions, and I shared some of them to complete in my list of mainnet transactions here.

Claiming each object costs 0.1 MATIC, but it improves your XP on Phi (which could do an airdrop too).

2. Design Your Land

A prerequisite to creating a Phi land is owning an ENS domain.

After claiming your objects and baseplates, you can start to design your land.

It's possible to purchase other objects from the store (bottom left), and some cost 0 MATIC.

Otherwise, you'd need to transfer your objects over to your land (which costs some MATIC).

Once you're happy with the design, you can save it as an image (bottom right).

3. Create Your NFT on Zora

You can upload the image of your Phi land on Zora, and set it as a free mint (0 ETH).

This increases your transaction count on Zora too.

Feel free to mint my Phi land NFT too here.

4. Share Your Zora NFT on Warpcast/X

Being an active user on Warpcast could help you get airdrops in the future.

So I shared my land on Phi's Warpcast channel instead of Twitter:

I'm not exactly sure if the hashtags help, but I just put it anyway.

If you're still confused about how Warpcast and Farcaster work, I wrote a guide about it here.

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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