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The easiest 150 LXP you'll ever earn

Probably the easiest 150 LXP you'll ever earn from a Linea campaign (ends 4 June).

No ridiculous fees and everything can be done rather quickly.

Here’s the route I used to complete all 3 tasks:

Intract's Next Round of the LXP Rush

Intract's next round of the LXP Rush requires you to use 3 protocols.

The fees this time around are much cheaper than the previous campaign (where I spent $28):

Previous Campaign Fees

All of the tasks can be completed easily:

1. Across

  • Bridge $50 USDT and ETH to Linea

Bridge via Across

I used Jumper (selecting Across as the bridging route) to bridge both tokens over to Linea.

I was able to verify both tasks via this method, so you get a double airdrop interaction.

The bridging fees should cost < $0.50.

2. Mendi

  • Deposit ≥ $20 of weETH/ezETH

  • Deposit ≥ $20 of stablecoins

Deposit on Mendi

Depositing funds on Mendi earns you LXP-L for Linea Surge, which is separate from the LXP you earn here.

If you have not joined Linea Surge, feel free to use my referral below:

Join Linea Surge

3. Lynex

  • Add ≥ $20 into the LYNX/WETH IQ pool

  • Lock ≥ $10 of LYNX into veLYNX

Add to LYNX/WETH IQ Pool

The first task is easy to complete, but it's very tedious due to the large number of transactions.

For the second task, you can lock LYNX for the minimum period (2 weeks) and still get verified.


I would suggest locking up ≥ 40 LYNX as I could not verify the task after locking 39 LYNX.

It takes ≥ 15 minutes before your tasks get verified, so you may want to wait a while before verifying on Intract.

Gas fees on Linea have reduced significantly after blobs were introduced, so most transactions cost < $0.50.

Don't forget to complete the PoH if you want to receive LXP from this campaign:

Proof of Humanity

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this, join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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