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The secret hack to getting 2x more Zora mints

No one will mint your Zora NFT if they have to pay the $3 marketplace fee.

So do this instead:

Set the mint fee of your NFT to a custom ERC20 token.

After making this change, I’ve received 2x more NFT mints by setting the fee at $0.01.

Here are the steps I took:

Custom ERC20 Tokens on Zora

Apart from minting NFTs with ETH:

It’s possible to set the mint fee to other ERC20 tokens on Zora.

But does the Zora L2 have a DEX?

You can use Zora’s fork of Uniswap below:

Zora Uniswap Fork

(It received a shoutout from the official Zora account, so it should be legit: Zora Shoutout)

This fork only lists ETH and WETH on the DApp, but here are the contract addresses of other tokens:

  • USDzC (USDC bridged from Ethereum): 0xCccCCccc7021b32EBb4e8C08314bD62F7c653EC4

  • IMAGINE: 0x078540eECC8b6d89949c9C7d5e8E91eAb64f6696

  • ENJOY: 0xa6b280b42cb0b7c4a4f789ec6ccc3a7609a1bc39

Feel free to verify these tokens on Zora’s block explorer:

Zora Block Explorer

I prefer setting it to USDzC to make the mint price enticing at $0.01.

Setting Your Mint to a Custom ERC20 Token

On the mint page, you can set the mint price of your NFT to a custom ERC20 token by pasting the contract address (like how I did here):

Every Zora mint only lasts for 30 days as a default, and you can use this trick to make your NFT an open edition:

Open Edition Trick

Max-Minting is Way Cheaper Now

Zora has mentioned max-minting a few times now, and I think it could be a hidden criterion if they do an airdrop:

Zora Max-Minting

Max-minting refers to minting the same NFT 111 times.

If you max-minted a normal NFT on Zora, it costs you 0.086247 ETH ($333).

In contrast, max-minting an NFT with USDzC as the token only costs you 1.11 USDzC.

I've received some max-mints on my NFTs thanks to this trick.

Share Your Zora Creations on Discord

My Discord server has a dedicated channel to share Zora mints, and setting it at $0.01 should entice more users to mint yours.

Join us here and share your NFTs:

Join Discord

If you own a Farcaster account on Warpcast, here's one more 3-in-1 airdrop combo that ends on June 5:

3-in-1 Airdrop Combo

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