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This 4-in-1 airdrop opportunity can be done with just $160

This airdrop campaign is in its 3rd season, so many would skip it.

But I see this as an opportunity to stack it with 3 other airdrops.

Here’s how I'm interacting with this project with $160:

Fluidity is a $1.3 million-funded platform that offers fluid assets, where they deposit your wrapped assets into money market platforms.

These fluid assets include fUSDC and fUSDT on Arbitrum.

When you transact with these fluid assets, you earn rewards.

In the past airdrop campaigns, Fluidity awarded Loot Bottles that could be converted to FLY whenever you transacted with fluid assets.

And here’s how Season 3 works:

Loot Bottles in Season 3

Loot Bottles in Season 3 have different rarities (distributed at random):

  • Rare

  • Ultra Rare

  • Legendary

The number of bottles you earn depends on:

  • Volume generated

  • Transacting with fUSDC/fUSDT

  • Using Fluidity's partner DEXes (12x multiplier)

  • Providing liquidity for FLY and fUSDC

  • Staking FLY

If you're comfortable with buying and staking FLY, you could earn extra rewards for Superposition, which will launch an Arbitrum Layer3 for DeFi trading.

How I'm Earning Loot Bottles

I’m making swaps with fUSDC and FLY to earn these bottles.

In particular, you get a 12X multiplier when swapping on these platforms:

  • Jumper

  • Ramses

  • Uniswap

  • Camelot

  • Trader Joe

Out of this list, only Jumper is tokenless so I’m only interacting with them.

Jumper is essentially an extra 2-in-1 if you’re able to select either Odos or Enso as the liquidity source.

You're contributing to your Jumper XP by generating volume with every swap.

These were the swaps I made:

  • Between fUSDC and FLY (high slippage)

  • Between fUSDC and USDC

Previously, I did not earn any loot bottles when swapping between fUSDC and USDC.

But I’ve started earning bottles and will continue using this method as it’s almost 1:1 with minimal slippage.

With this swap, I’m earning fewer loot bottles vs swapping between FLY and fUSDC.

I’ve earned 4,041 loot bottles so far (ranked #602), just by making frequent swaps between fUSDC, FLY, and USDC.

And here’s one extra perk when using Jumper for the Fluidity airdrop:

You get to claim an extra 15 Jumper XP after generating a cumulative 100 fUSDC in trading volume:

Claim Jumper XP

Other ways to earn bottles include:

  • Adding liquidity to FLY/fUSDC pools

  • Staking FLY

Fluidity just announced a partnership with Pancakeswap, which distributes 200 ARB/week for the fUSDC/USDC pool:

Fluidity Partnership Announcement

Earn Talisman XP Just by Holding fUSDC

Fluidity partnered with @wearetalisman for their Quest campaign, where you earn Talisman XP by holding fUSDC.

Talisman has hinted at potential rewards, so it’s worth minimal points just by holding assets.

I’m earning 73 points/week with my 165 fUSDC, though we need 100k XP to level up.

There will be other methods of earning XP like future ecosystem campaigns, which I plan to participate in.

So at least we can earn XP passively by holding these tokens.

More details regarding the Fluidity airdrop can be found below:

Fluidity Airdrop Season 3 Details

If you found value in this guide, feel free to use my referral links below:

Huge shoutout to @DeFiChronicles who helped me to discover this airdrop with his YouTube video:

DeFi Chronicles YouTube Video

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with @fluiditylabs, but I had been interacting with them before they contacted me.

Thanks for reading!

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