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This Linea campaign only has 23k participants

Linea’s milking campaigns are not that bad given how gas is significantly cheaper now.

Surprisingly, only 23k wallets participated in this Surge campaign (compared to 180k for the LXP rush).

I spent < $1 in fees, and here’s how I completed it with $30 (ends 13 June):

Linea's New LXP-L Campaign

Linea launched a new LXP-L campaign with 5 protocols:

  • XY Finance

  • Syncswap

  • iZiSwap

  • ZeroLend

  • Velocore (recently hacked)

I’m not entirely sure how LXP-L will be awarded since some tasks don’t require you to deposit liquidity.

But completing them is straightforward and doesn’t require much capital:

XY Finance charges a withholding fee for both depositing and withdrawing from the Linea pool.

(0.0000576 ETH ~ $0.19)

Depositing takes ~ 5 minutes, and I suggest withdrawing immediately after verifying the task.

Otherwise, your funds could be sent over to another network.

I was able to verify this instantly thanks to my previous activity on ZeroLend.

Another straightforward task, though I lost $0.05 in slippage.

The quest with the ‘hardest’ requirement, it’s possible you may miss out on completing this task (because of the 5-day requirement).

I’m not sure if this quest will resume, so will revisit this again before the campaign ends.

Even if you missed the 5 quests above, Router just launched a new quest as a part of this campaign:

  • Bridge ≥ $10 to Linea

  • Stake ≥ $10 to stETH

  • Deposit ≥ $10 in liquidity to Lynex

I tried depositing 10 USDC to Lynex twice but I failed to verify the task. It only worked when I deposited $10 in ETH to the WETH/USDT pool.

If you have not registered on Linea Surge (to credit your LXP-L), feel free to use my referral below:

Register on Linea Surge

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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