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This mainnet voyage campaign only has 6.7k participants (but it's expensive)

No one is doing this mainnet Voyage campaign that only has 6.7k participants.

With $17 million in funding, this could be an underrated airdrop given the low participation.

Gas is more expensive here than on most L2s, and here’s how much I’ve spent so far:

Overview of AlienX Chain

@ALIENXchain is an NFT and gaming chain built with these infra projects:

  • Arbitrum Orbit

  • Caldera

Their mainnet Voyage campaign only lasts for 3 weeks, which is short and sweet.

You earn XP for each task you complete, and you get to draw a prize for every 200 XP earned.

In particular, earning Meteorite NFTs qualifies you for the AIX airdrop.

Note: Rabby does not estimate the gas fees accurately. Although they indicate that each transaction only costs $0.01, I paid more than that (based on the explorer).

Here’s what I’ve been doing on this chain (and the actual fees I paid):

Bridging to AlienX Chain (15-200 XP)

There are a few criteria to earn XP based on:

  • Amount bridged

  • Wallet balance on AlienX

I paid $0.65 at 2.1 gwei to bridge my funds over from the mainnet (which is decent).

By bridging 0.03 ETH directly from the mainnet, you earn 200 XP right away.

Swap / Add Liquidity (5 XP)

This is the best way to grind out XP, but it can get expensive over time.

How much I spent on swaps:

  • Approve: 0.00003479 ETH (~ $0.12)

  • Swap: 0.0000792276 ETH (~ $0.27)

I did not bother adding liquidity as it’s more expensive and I earn the same amount of XP.

Minting an NFT (50 XP)

AlienX has a commemorative NFT where you can mint it up to 100 times.

But it costs ~ $0.75 to mint each one:

  • 0.0001 ETH (mint fee) + 0.00012157 ETH (gas)

I only minted one to earn the XP from this task.

Listing an NFT (10 XP/listing)

It’s only possible to earn XP twice for each collection in this task.

After minting the Commemorative NFT, I listed it on AlienX and edited the listing to earn 20 XP.

Gas cost for each listing: 0.0000310722 ETH (~ $0.11)

You could earn more XP by trading NFTs, but it's a huge waste of gas fees IMO so I prefer not to complete that task.

Bridging to AlienX with (~ 75 XP)

This bridge is expensive and I paid 0.000701 ETH (~ $2.50) to send my funds over.

You get a 20/50 XP bonus if your first deposit is 0.01/0.03 ETH.

Mint a Space ID Domain (100 XP)

Here's how much I spent to mint a 5-char domain:

  • Cost: 0.001515 ETH (~ $5)

  • Gas: 0.0003152082 ETH (~ $1.07)

You could earn up to 1,000 XP by minting a 3-char domain, but it's not worth the cost to me.

Mint SoEX NFT (30 XP)

Here's how much I paid to mint this NFT:

  • Cost: 0.0005 ETH (~ $1.75)

  • Gas: 0.0001279218 ETH (~ $0.45)

SpellGuru (up to 400 XP)

I'm not entirely sure how this works, but there are 3 tasks to complete:

  • Level 1 Sutando

  • Mint a Sutando NFT (at Level 2)

  • Using 500 SAI to upgrade your Sutando

I had to use an external wallet for SAI and send funds over to this wallet.

SAI is used as the in-game currency to upgrade your Sutando NFT.

There's no way to swap to SAI, so I had to deposit ETH and borrow SAI as collateral.

Borrow fee: 0.00016156433 ETH (~ $0.50)

In total, I deposited 0.0026 ETH (~ $8) to mint 683 SAI.

Here's how much SAI to level up your Sutando:

  • Level 1: 200 SAI

  • Level 2: 600 SAI

If you don't want to deposit ETH for SAI, you can earn SAI through manual battles.

The game involves guessing whether you're talking to a real human or an AI bot.

I'm planning to get the full 650 XP by getting my Sutando to Level 2.

Feel free to use my invite code for this game: sg_aix_iCk64XtJ

Staking on AlienX (20 XP/$20 staked)

The task with the least amount of participation, you can stake certain assets on AlienX to earn yield and XP:

  • Tokens (ETH, ARB, STONE, etc.)

  • AlienX ECO NFTs

  • Other NFTs

I'm skipping this entirely given that the XP earned is low compared to the amount of capital needed to be staked.

Star Voyage (every 200 XP)

After earning 200 XP, you're eligible for 1 Lucky Draw.

Minting cost per draw: 0.00013011 ($0.44)

You get to earn rewards, including:

  • 400 XP

  • ARB tokens

  • Meteorite NFTs

There are 5 rarities of these NFTs, and collecting all 5 (Saturn to Mercury) lets you convert to the Supreme NFT.

Owning each NFT will qualify you for the AIX airdrop. But Supreme NFT holders will get to share a separate 5 million AIX prize pool.

Overall Verdict

Total gas you're expected to spend by doing one of each task: $21.72

Gas is more expensive on this chain compared to other L2s.

But comparing the cost to Linea and Scroll pre-Dencun, it is still relatively cheaper.

I'd say that it's roughly around the cost of transacting on Arbitrum pre-Dencun.

I feel it's worth interacting on this chain, given:

  • The low participation

  • The campaign only lasts for 3 weeks (less milking done)

Transacting on AlienX also helps me with my 'infra' strategy, since it was built with Arbitrum Orbit and Caldera.

Just like how my Polygon zkEVM activity got me the AVAIL airdrop:

My activity on AlienX could qualify me for future infra airdrops (or those from other Arbitrum Orbit chains).

If you found value in this guide, feel free to use my referral link below:

AlienX Chain

Thanks for reading!

If you want more like this join my Discord server for more exclusive alpha.

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