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This underrated BTC L2 campaign only has 5.5k participants

Another tokenless BTC L2 launched a campaign with only 5.5k participants (ends 9 June).

Gas fees on this network cost <$0.01 and only 2 quests require on-chain tasks, so this is a must-do for me.

Here's how I completed this campaign with $15:

Bsquared is a BTC L2 with undisclosed seed funding from @OKX_Ventures, @hashkey_capital, and more.

Their latest campaign on Intract has 7 quests, with only 2 that require on-chain tasks.

There are a few options to bridge to this L2, including:

  • Meson

  • Owlto

  • Orbiter

You don’t need to bridge a significant amount of funds over since the capital requirement is very low.

But before completing them, do this first to avoid wasting your funds on unnecessary gas fees:

Changing Your Gas Fees on MetaMask

Similar to other new L2s, MetaMask’s default gas setting overestimates the fees required to send a transaction on Bsquared.

If you’re using MM, changing the default gwei to 0.0011 significantly reduces the gas fees you pay:

Set Gas Price on Bsquared

Alternatively, I’m using Rabby as it recommends a gwei setting based on the average from 100 past transactions.

Here are the quests to complete:

I paid < $0.01 per transaction, including minting each NFT after completing the social tasks.

Everyone's ignoring these tokenless BTC L2s.

Given their decent funding, they could be underrated airdrops just by completing these campaigns.

A campaign by another BTC L2 is ending soon, and here's how to complete it.

Thanks for reading!

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