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Wave 4 of this undiluted campaign only has 8.7k participants

Wave 4 of this undiluted campaign (only 8.7k participants) is ending on 18 June.

Even though gas fees are dirt cheap, some quests require NFT minting fees.

Here’s how I completed 8/9 tasks in this campaign with $16:

BOB: A BTC L2 with Fusion Campaign

BOB is a BTC L2 that launched its Fusion campaign, where you earn Spice (points) that represent your contributions to the BOB ecosystem. Something similar to LXP.

BOB has partnered with Intract for the Summer Fest campaign, with each wave lasting just 1 week.

Every Intract XP you earn during this campaign will be converted 1:1 into BOB Spice.

Getting Funds on BOB

Even though BOB is a BTC L2, it uses ETH for gas fees.

Most of the usual bridges support BOB, but the fastest (and possibly cheapest) is @RelayProtocol (still tokenless).

Here’s a cost breakdown of each quest:

The easiest task, you get one extra BOB transaction by minting the NFT.

Another easy transaction to complete.

I'm having issues with verifying this task, but you can try it out here:

Gydde Task

It costs 0.00015 ETH (~ $0.50) to mint this NFT.

This app had such bad UI, but the 2 tasks include:

  • Creating a social wallet and performing a gasless login

  • Sending $3 to the social wallet (you can withdraw funds afterwards)

One of the most expensive tasks for this campaign, which includes:

  • Minting an NFT that costs 0.01 ETH

  • Paying $5 to create 2 NFTs

So I'm skipping this task entirely.

I paid 0.0001 ETH (~ $0.37) to purchase the cheapest NFT with the lowest floor price.

  • Viking Ventures NFT: $1.39

  • .bob domain: 0.0013 ETH ($4.60)

  • Mint Digital Voyagers NFT: $1.39

The second task (mint BOB NS domain) can be completed if you already minted it from CoNFT.

After completing some quests, you have a chance to mint another NFT, which helps to push your transactions on BOB.

Total cost: $15.50

I don't mind doing more transactions on BOB since they cost < $0.01.

And I want to have a strong on-chain footprint on BOB for this very reason:

Why Am I Farming BOB?

Even as a BTC L2, BOB is built on the OP Superchain, which is one of my main convictions right now.

(I'll share a thread soon on my strategy for getting the next Superchain airdrops.)

But the TL;DR is that I want TIA/DYM/AVAIL style of airdrops that awarded me for being active on L2s.

And I think that future tokenless Superchain L2s could reward your on-chain activity on existing L2s.

If you have not bridged your funds to BOB in Season 1, feel free to use my referral code below to start getting Spice:


(For BOB Fusion)

I'm working hard to get these airdrop guides out.

But if you want early access to exclusive opportunities (even before they're published in my weekly Substack newsletter):

Grab the Premium role on Discord for early alerts:

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