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What no one tells you about the Farcaster airdrop

Forget what you've read in other Farcaster airdrop threads.

None of them mentions these crucial tips I'm about to share with you.

After creating an account for my second wallet:

I reveal all you need to know to maximize your chances for the Farcaster airdrop:

A $150 Million-Funded Decentralized Social Network

Farcaster is a SoFi project that recently raised $150 million.

Even though others like Lens Protocol have been around for longer, Farcaster has gained the most traction after integrating with popular DApps like Layer3 and Zora.

Every airdrop hunter must have a social presence on Farcaster, and here's a step-by-step guide to creating an account:

1. Create a Warpcast Account

Warpcast is the most popular client that uses the Farcaster infrastructure.

Other clients use Farcaster too, but I'll focus on Warpcast in this post since it's the most prominent.

The most annoying part about creating a Warpcast account is that you can't use crypto for the $5/year fee.

There's no way of creating an account on a desktop, and you can only do it via iOS/Android.

The $5/year fee can only be paid in fiat via an in-app purchase.

I find this ridiculous as it goes against the idea of decentralization.

After entering your email address, you'll be given a brand new seed phrase.

This is separate from your wallet's seed phrase, and you'll need to keep this secure too.

Sign up for Warpcast with my referral link and we'll get 50 warps (more on that later):

Warpcast Invite

This is an important step to ensure your on-chain activity qualifies you for future airdrops.

For example, @Spectral_Labs' airdrop awarded Warpcast users who were active on Base.

Both of my wallets (Warpcast + airdrop) were considered in this eligibility list (but I did not qualify for this airdrop):

Eligibility List

So I'd strongly suggest linking your airdrop wallet to Warpcast in case future airdrops take your Farcaster activity into consideration.

I shared a quick guide on connecting your wallet here:

Quick Guide

You need a Warpcast account to complete certain Layer3 quests.

But linking Warpcast to your Layer3 account is slightly more complicated.

After clicking on the Farcaster link at Layer3 Settings, I had to complete a Layer3 quest on Warpcast to link my account:

Warpcast Layer3 Quest

But this may be different for you, and let me know if you have any questions.

4. Being Active on Warpcast

Spectral awarded their airdrop to Farcaster accounts that had at least:



  • 10 casts

So an active Warpcast account could qualify you for future airdrops.

But the algorithm on Warpcast is different from Twitter.

If you're making a cast to your homepage (the default), you're just sharing the cast with your followers.

Which at the start will be almost no one.

So if you want to get more likes and followers, the best way is to post on channels.

Channels are similar to Twitter's Community feature, where anyone can create and join a channel.

The best way to get likes and follows is by posting in channels with more followers, such as:

  • /base

  • /ethereum

  • /farcaster

Feel free to join my channel too, and I'll like any casts you publish there:

FIP Insiders Channel

To create a channel, you'll have to spend the in-app currency (Warps), which I'll share about next:

5. Buying and Using Warps

Warps are required for certain on-chain actions, including:

  • Gifting Warps to other users' posts (similar to tipping)

  • Connecting your Warpcast account to other apps

  • Posting on certain channels

  • Creating your own channel

  • Minting NFTs

You have to purchase Warps using ETH in the ratio of $5 for 500 Warps.

Purchase Warps

Creating a channel requires 2,500 Warps ($25) per year.

Some channels require you to pay 10 Warps per cast, which goes to the channel owners.

Warpcast mentioned in their FAQs that there's no benefit to accumulating Warps, so it's best to spend any that you have.

Warpcast FAQs

Warps can only be used in the Warpcast client, and they are not transferable to other clients.

6. Interacting with Frames

Frames are the latest feature by Farcaster that turns any cast into an interactive app.

I find most of them to be laggy, especially when completing Layer3 quests through them (some tasks take a while to get verified).

But wherever possible, I'm trying to interact with any Frames I see on Farcaster.

It's possible that this could be an airdrop criterion too.

You can create your own Frame with Fileverse which I shared in this guide:

Guide to Fileverse

7. Getting a Power Badge

A power badge recognizes active users specifically to Warpcast, and I'm aiming to get one.

Although the algorithm is not public, Warpcast hinted at how they are awarded:

  • Activity (frequency of posting)

  • Affinity (whether power users like your casts)

  • Labeling (if your posts are flagged as spam)

I DM-ed someone who has a power badge, and he mentioned he got it by making "a conscious effort to get reactions from OGs with power badges".

So what I'd suggest is to interact with power badge users' casts.

But instead of being spammy, try to be creative with your comments so you'll get a like from them.

And increase your chances of getting the power badge.

All of this can seem overwhelming, but that's how we gain an edge over those who are too lazy to create an account.

But do let me know if you have any questions on Discord.

Apart from interacting with Warpcast, here's what else I'm doing for the Farcaster airdrop:

  • @buildtokenbase (meme coin for nominations) Build Token Base

  • Far Quest by @wieldlabs (another Farcaster client) Far Quest

  • @degentokenbase tipping (guide coming soon)

Join my Discord and share your Warpcast profile so we can follow each other.

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