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Why I minted this $5 NFT on Forma (for future airdrops)

Forma presents another easy interaction for Hyperlane, but the genesis NFT is expensive (~ $5).

Is this NFT worth the investment or just another letdown like Rari Chain?

I break down why I decided to mint it and shared the cost breakdown for this NFT:

Forma is a Blockchain for On-Chain Creations

Forma is a blockchain for on-chain creations, something similar to Zora.

I could not find any information about its funding.

These were the fees I paid on this chain:

1. Bridging TIA to Forma

Bridge TIA to Forma

Forma is an EVM-compatible chain, so you need both your Celestia and EVM wallets to bridge funds over.

Total bridge fee: 0.0288 TIA ($0.30)

This transaction does not show up on the Hyperlane Explorer as it does not support Forma chain yet:

Hyperlane Explorer

2. Minting the Glover Interface NFT

Minting the Glover Interface NFT

The first NFT on this chain is expensive at 0.5 TIA ($5.25).

I used the rewards I earned from staking 55.7 TIA to purchase this NFT.

This reminds me of @RariChain where they milked everyone with NFT mints at ridiculous prices.

But Rari already had a token, and given that Forma uses @AstriaOrg ($5.5 million funded sequencing layer):

Pushing transactions on this chain could qualify us for future airdrops.

If they have a create feature like Zora, it's worth creating some NFTs on this chain too.

The good news is gas is cheap on Forma, and here's how much I paid for the mint:

  • Mint fee: 0.5 TIA ($5.25)

  • Gas fee: 0.0060870744 TIA ($0.06)

Total fees paid: $5.61

A new mint will be released in 3 days' time, and I hope it costs less than 0.5 TIA.

Apart from Forma, you can take advantage of low gwei to push one more transaction on Hyperlane:

Bridging ETH to Viction.

I shared this transaction in my essential list of Ethereum transactions below:

Essential Ethereum Transactions

Thanks for reading!

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