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Unlock Learning with COLCT DAO

A Step-by-Step Guide for Course Enrollment at Matrise Institute

At Matrise Institute, we're excited to collaborate with COLCT DAO, enabling you to use COLCT tokens for course enrollment. Follow these steps for a seamless educational experience:

1. Token Transfer:

- Transfer 500 COLCT DAO tokens to Matrise Institute's crypto address wallet: 0xE7aF093533A3c079F26FEe0e9b894Ad28517515a

2. Capture Transaction Details:

- Copy and paste the transaction hash.


- Take a screenshot for reference.

3. Share Transaction Details:

- Email the screenshot to or send it via WhatsApp to Matrise Institute's official number: +27 76 187 2981

4. Await Response:

- A Matrise Institute agent will promptly verify your transaction.

5. Receive 100% Coupon Discounted Voucher:

- Upon confirmation, you'll receive a 100% coupon discounted voucher.

6. Redeem Voucher:

- Visit Matrise Institute's website and use the voucher to purchase any courses or products listed.

Empower your learning journey with COLCT DAO and Matrise Institute – where education meets innovation!

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