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Flarnchain Newsletter #167 - Puppy Cerberus

No need to say too much about the market tonight...

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This week is going to be a special edition. I will likely dedicate a large portion of this newsletter to explaining the Puppy Cerberus nft collection, a collection of drawings that I will be launching before I publish Flarnchain Newsletter #168.

It's a long time coming, I've been working on this collection for several months. Because I have been a busy bee working in the fiat mines and also sleeping a bit more than in March, progress on this collection has been slow, working on it in bits and pieces on nights where I'm not too exhausted and carving out weekend chunks of time here and there... but ultimately it's time to launch the collection.

Why? Because I've pushed back the launch date a few times already due to time constraints, and at this point... it's time to just, give it a go, otherwise I'll just procrastinate forever. Plus, the timing is great, since the launch can coincides with:

the Bitcoin halving event

April 20th (4/20) which is a date that resonates with the crypto community due to it's meme-ability and association with the consumption of cannabis.

Anyways, before we get into that too much, let's address the elephant in the room.....

The markets

Holy crap. Last week was not good for the crypto markets. While last week's market animal was an adorable unicorn, this week's market animal should be something like... a disgusting Cronenbergian hybrid creature... Bitcoin dropped from $70k all the way down to somethin like... $58k, and has now apparently leveled off around $62k. As a result of liquidation cascades that rippled through the entire crypto markets, total crypto market capitalization shed something close to $400 billion in value in just a few short days. That's pretty significant. Current crypto market cap is around $2.37 trillion, which I was getting used to writing things like $2.75 and "Almost $3 trillion", well... $2.37 trillion is most definitely not almost $3 trillion. It's a decrease of, and this is a scientific term, a lot.

This is Bitcoin's performance for the past 7 days

Who cares though? The Bitcoin halving is coming in 3 days. Let's hold on to our butts and get ready for a wild ride. The four year cycle is about to start anew, and we get a first row seat at the action. Readers of this newsletter will get to, quite literally, spectate on one of the greatest financial games to exist in history: the crypto bullrun.

This is the maximum length chart for Bitcoin on coingecko... compare that first big spike to the second big one. Will the third big spike be equally as large compared to the second one, or is the music about to stop after over a decade of absurd gains?

Or not, markets could collapse and the cycle could potentially not play out. There could be too strong of macroeconomic headwinds for the power of the Bitcoin halving event to overcome. World War 3 could break out, and wars don't usually (in the short run) do great for risk-on financial assets. Let alone the multitude of other risk factors associated with counting on or expecting magic internet money to for some reason increase in price when the vast majority of people either have strong disdain for the entire industry, or perhaps know it through the various headlines caused by Sam Bankman Fried's escapades.

Either way, I'm going to continue to create art and publish it on blockchains, because actually enjoy it, and I think some other people like my art too! So anyways, this week's market animal was going to be a Puppy Cerberus, but instead I've made it a blackswanberus, because last week was a triple blacks swan event.

this one turned out a little bit more abstract than I had initially anticipated. But I kind of like it.... you can mint one here:

Okay, that's it for market animal. A quick bit of alpha for those reading this, if you hold one of these in your wallet, you might get something special. All mint proceeds flow to the Proto Towers royalties wallet.

Puppy Cerberus

This is a collection of 3333 puppy Cerberuses. I'm shooting to launch it on April 20. I'm trying a lot of different things with this collection that incorporate all of the things I've learned from past collections. I don't know if they will result in a successful performance of the collection.

There's still a lot of work to be done on the collection, but a few things I have figured out:

  1. the collection will be multiple mini collections

  2. there's going to be at least 2 whitelists

  3. whitelist 1 can mint for 3 stars

  4. whitelist 2 can mint for 33 stars

  5. the public mint price will be 333 stars

  6. There will be 3000 static nfts, 300 animated nfts, and 33 xnfts

  7. of the 3000 static nfts, I'm going to break that collection up into a bunch of sub collections to test out different art generation techniques and rarity configurations.

this is the base model for puppy cerberus. this is 64x64 pixels ~ so a bit zoomed in. The main pieces are 100x100 pixels, which will be upscaled to either 1000x1000 pixels or 1024x1024 pixels. There may be some that are different sizes, and some that are more zoomed in, some that are less zoomed in.

Okay that's about all I wanted to say there. The hardest part is going to be the 300 animated nfts. I don't know if I currently have enough content to convincingly generate 300 animated nfts... I may need to do some tricks with some post processing layers to expand that collection size to make the pieces distinct enough.

There's also going to be a few surprises in the collection that I'm excited for people to find.

Lots more work to finish the collection by 4/20... I'm not 100% certain I can hit that deadline, but I'll try my best.

Okay, that's it for tonight.



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