Flarnchain Newsletter 171 - ???

I don't have much to say 😂

An ocean of knowledge, one inch deep

Happy wednesday everyone! Welcome to the 171st edition of the flarnchain newsletter, brought to your inbox each and every week, like an atomic clock.

Rain or shine. Sleep or no sleep. This newsletter will keep coming. But tonight, or this morning depending on who you are, I must say that I'm in need of some rest. I had enough time to take a look at the Bitcoin chart to see like... what's going on in the real crypto markets... and it appears that Bitcoin is very up as of the past few hours.

Kaboom! Bitcoin up by 7% in past 7 days and 14% in past 14 days. That's 1% per day!

That means this week's market animal is a bullberus! Still three headed things, since my collection of three headed puppies (Puppy Cerberus) continues to be delayed as I procrastinate by going a wholly different direction this month. See link.

This is the second bullberus in the history of the flarnchain newsletter. you can mint one here

So I've been trying to figure out how to query the Osmosis blockchain for the past 1.5 hours to see who all is holding tokens related to the above link. I can't figure it out. Someone. Anyone. If you have blockchain engineering knowledge - please let me know how to query token factory holders on the Osmosis blockchain.

Thanks for reading tonight. I might actually write something more meaningful next week.

Hope you have a good rest of your week.



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