Potential Starknet Airdrop

StarkNet is a blockchain platform by StarkWare, aiming to enhance scalability, speed, and privacy in transactions using zero-knowledge proofs. It operates on Ethereum's layer 2. Here's a summary of eligibility and potential airdrop criteria:

StarkNet Airdrop Eligibility:

1. Bridge Interaction: Using StarkNet's official bridge to move ETH can increase your chances. Bridging is often a requirement for airdrops, and it helps the project test their bridge. Ensure you bridge your ETH using StarkNet's official bridge.

2. Regular Interaction with dApps: Engaging regularly with StarkNet's ecosystem through various dApps might qualify you for a retroactive airdrop. This means being active and using applications within the StarkNet ecosystem, such as JediSwap, 10kswap, Layerswap, MintSquare, StarkNet ID, StarkGate, and zkLend.

3. Events Participation: ArgentHQ hosts events every 8 weeks with NFT rewards on the StarkNet network. Similar events by other layer 2 solutions have correlated with airdrop eligibility. Follow ArgentHQ on Twitter for event updates and ensure participation in these events.

4. Potential Gas Fees: Keep in mind that using the bridge might incur gas fees, estimated around $8-$14, depending on the device.

The potential for a StarkNet airdrop is substantial, given its backing by prominent capital ventures. While the specific criteria for the airdrop aren't confirmed, based on patterns seen with competitors like Arbitrum and Optimism, engaging with the network, utilizing the bridge, participating in events, and using dApps within the ecosystem significantly increase your chances.

Keep an eye on StarkNet's official announcements and channels for any confirmed information regarding a potential airdrop.

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