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The future of "Future Surf"

Intentions, musings, and updates from the founder of FUTURE SURF, Cam Murdoch.

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Cam Murdoch

Drifting ashore into the year 2023, there are no resolutions, but there was plenty to assess, build upon, and streamline. Over the past few months of 2022, we examined what worked and what didn't - thankfully coming up with new insights that I'm confident will enable us to grow and better serve this community going forward.

Here are some wins we're building on:

  1. "Future Surf Swim Class" - has taught over 300 creators how to use from start to finish, increasing their confidence and self-sufficiency in web3.

  2. Future Surf Radio - has seen 82 episodes since beginning in March 2022, only missing one episode in that time with an average of over 150 live attendees per episode. This show was the catalyst which sparked the creation of the community that many of you've come to know.

  3. We held our first in-person event at Pony Boy NYC during NFT.NYC.

  4. Future Surf Radio entered into a promotional partnership with web3 music aggregator Ooh La La, our first sponsorship agreement, which we look forward to developing further.

  5. We held our second in-person event at Sola Miami during Art Basel in partnership with Consensys NFT and MetaMask. This also allowed us the opportunity to release the 3rd NFT ever using Consensys NFT.

So much more occurred, but for the purposes of making this a concise read, I'll just say you had to be there.

Some goals for 2023:

  1. More educational programing 👨🏽‍🏫 this will see the return of guided workshops, but they will not focus exclusively on web3. Rather, they will focus on a holistic skill-share in the realm of art-making and art entrepreneurship that connects web2 and web3 tools and philosophies.

  2. More cultural programming and editorial content ✍🏽 we'll be telling more of your stories and also supporting and uplifting more voices, the first effort along these lines will be in the form of ON3forthepeople Presented by Charmverse and hosted by Charm Taylor & Diamond Doll.

    • ON3forthepeople will exist as a live public build of forthepeopleDAO by Charm Taylor, utilizing the tools of Charmverse + cosmic weather forecasts + a safe space for the community at large to come and share their projects and releases.

    • "more editorial content" will take the form of...well, what you're reading right now but less newsletter-y.

    • Our 1:1 free-flowing interviews with artists and builders will return under the name Current Conversations hosted by Cam Murdoch.

  3. More community co-creation ğŸ‘©ğŸ½â€ğŸŽ¨ğŸ‘¨ğŸ¾â€ğŸŽ¤ the second most frequent question I'm asked is "wen FSR mixtape / writing camp?" Well, we've now arrived at a point where there is a better understanding of the options available to us and how to best utilize those options to enhance existing community connections but to also introduce new community members to web3 collaborative methods.

  4. More cross-community collaboration 🤝🏾 we've grown to be good friends with many of our neighbors in the web3 music space such as Underground Violet Rave, wavWRLD, The Outsiders Collective, and many more communities that we would love to work with in 2023.

  5. More resources for me and my people 💰 the resources are there and they are for us, the ask is being made on an ongoing basis.

While 2022 was a successful and fulfilling year for many of us, it was also incredibly challenging in the ways that we were all called to grow and the obstacles that lay in our varying paths.

After finding myself in a position of leadership that was foreign to me (yet one I probably always wanted) I am still learning in real-time; how to balance all of this, how to communicate better, how to help facilitate better communication, etc.

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