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A Manifesto for a Positive-Sum World

In the dawn of a new age, as our society expands and intertwines with the virtual, a proposition is put forward to embrace an unprecedented concept: the hypercommons. A bold exploration of the new frontiers of social, political, and artistic realms, the hypercommons embodies the protocol-built public goods and luxuries, the onchain hypercultures they foster, and the positive externalities they engender.

The hypercommons is our shared commitment to nourishing the common good through an outpouring of creativity, collaboration, and care. We are at a moment in history where we are free to redefine our public spaces and goods in a radical, unbounded fashion—bridging the gap between scarcity and abundance, between the individual and the collective.

Within the realm of hypercommons, the Nouns DAO ecosystem emerges as a potent force. A community that is not just participatory but transformational. From its inception, it has been a microcosm where public goods and luxuries are crafted, explored, and celebrated. Take, for instance, the Gnars DAO community’s recent accomplishment: the provision of skateable sculptures installed in Praça XV in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A manifestation of the hypercommons, intertwining public utility, aesthetics, and culture in an unparalleled synergy.

And yet, the promise of the hypercommons reaches beyond physical art installations. It permeates the digital, as Nouns DAO invests in open-source software, open hardware, educational resources, minternet archives, onchain communities, protocols and hyperstructures. It stretches its tendrils into the academic, funding research that promises to push our understanding of the world and our place within it.

The notion of hypercommons transcends the mere filling of funding gaps—it constitutes a redefinition of the public concern. In the words of Other Internet, we are amidst an ambitious “ape into a redefinition of public concern.” The hypercommons, therefore, stands as a testament to the power of community, the potency of shared visions, and the boundless potential of cooperative endeavour.

Our commitment to the hypercommons is not a blind leap of faith but a calculated wager on the long game. In this experiment, we trust that our efforts will reflect in the market value of our digital assets. The value we bring to the world through our contributions will, we believe, materialise as an appreciating regard for our digital assets.

This is not a plea for passive support but a call to action. The vision of the hypercommons, while grand, is firmly within our reach. Every Noun owner, contributor, critic, or fan is a potential agent of this transformation. Each action, each discussion, each shared moment brings us closer to realising this vision.

To quote Funding the Commons, “We envision a world where the incentives that govern human coordination at scale push our species to develop an economy that prioritises public goods above all else. This world has top global talent innovating on public goods, supported by well-developed impact evaluation systems tied to continuous streams of project capital.”

Let the idea of hypercommons guide us, inspire us, and unite us. Let it permeate our discussions, inform our decisions, and shape our actions. For the promise of hypercommons is not merely in its potential for a more equitable, more beautiful, and more vibrant world—it lies in our collective journey towards realising it.

In the name of hypercommons, we dare to imagine. We dare to create. And above all, we dare to share. For the vision we carry, and the world we wish to shape, is ours. And it is only together, in our unyielding pursuit of the common good, that we can bring it into being. This is our calling. This is our manifesto.

The hypercommons is a tapestry woven with threads of innovation, artistry, and altruism. It stands as a beacon, inviting those with the courage and vision to forge a path towards a positive-sum world, where the value created is not hoarded but shared - where every thread contributed adds to the strength and beauty of the whole.

As stewards of the hypercommons, we must remain vigilant and true to the ethos that binds us. We shall uphold the principles of transparency, integrity, and inclusion. We shall foster environments that encourage diversity of thought, innovation, and free expression.

We must recognise that the hypercommons is as fragile as it is powerful. It demands not only our creativity but our care. It calls for responsible governance, ethical considerations, and a commitment to sustainability. It implores us to think not only of the now but of the generations to come.

In this vibrant garden of hypercommons, let us plant seeds of knowledge, art, culture, and technology. Let us nurture them with community, collaboration, and shared values. As these seeds blossom into towering trees and lush canopies, may they be a testament to what we can achieve together.

This is an invitation for everyone – from the silent observer to the fervent contributor. The hypercommons cannot thrive on the shoulders of a few; it necessitates the collective strength and will of all. It is the canvas upon which we, as a community, as a species, can paint our boldest dreams and aspirations.

We call upon institutions, corporations, and individuals to join this unprecedented endeavour. The hypercommons is more than just a concept; it is a living, evolving entity that thrives on participation. Engage in discussions, contribute resources, share your expertise, and be a part of this transformative journey.

As we march onward, let the hypercommons be the anthem that resonates across lands, through the digital sphere, and within the annals of our shared history. Let it be the herald of a new era, an era where the sum of our actions leads to an exponential surge in our shared wealth – of knowledge, culture, and humanity.

The path before us is uncharted and fraught with challenges, but it is also paved with infinite possibilities. The hypercommons is not a destination; it is a journey that we embark on together. A journey of discovery, creativity, and communal triumph.

Let us seize this moment with both hands and hearts wide open. For in the hypercommons, we find our purpose, our legacy, and our shared destiny.

In the spirit of hypercommons, let us forge ahead, united and unbounded.

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