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GCR Web3 Live Deals (Week of August 1, 2022)


Dear GCR Friends,

Please find the latest list of all active deals at GCR for the week in August! As a friend, you are receiving this email once every two weeks.

As you may recall, GCR is an investment DAO syndicate with a focus on Seed - Series A emerging technology companies in Web3 and crypto.

Since 2020, we’ve deployed $40M+ of capital into 55 companies w/ several fantastic exits and a MOIC of 10x on our liquid portfolio.

Here's our Q2 investment review: https://globalcoinresearch.com/2022/07/06/gcr-investment-review-second-quarter-2022/.

How We Operate

We are a community of ~6500 members strong on Discord. Our members source, diligence and invest together through SPVs.

For each of these deals, please visit the #┊💼・deal-chat-and-threads channel on our Discord for more information.

Additionally, please visit the #┊💼・deal-sourcing-and-suggestions channel on our Discord to vote on new deals that you would like the GCR community to diligence together.

Have questions? Reply directly to this email or join our Discord by clicking any of the above links to learn more!


The GCR Core Team

RAISING (Currently Fundraising)

Last Chance to Participate

  1. MintKudos

    • Description: Reputation layer of the decentralized web

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $25M-$30M valuation

    • Investors: Elad Gil, Naval, Scalar Capital, etc.

    • Discord link

  2. Obscuro

    • Description: Layer 2 solution on Ethereum focused on privacy

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $5M at $50M valuation

    • Investors: Pragma Ventures, Squares Capital, Orca DAO, etc.

    • Discord link

  3. Plato

    • Description: Web3 eat-to-earn application

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $2.5M at $11-$15M valuation

    • Investors: N/A

    • Discord link

  4. PangeaDAO

    • Description: Investment DAO that owns, operates, and finances income-generating Metaverse land

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $2M at $25M valuation

    • Investors: N/A

    • Discord link

Just Started Fundraising

  1. Hotline

    • Description: Token-powered messaging platform for creators (‘Web3 OnlyFans’)

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $4M

    • Investors: SuperLayer, etc.

    • Discord link

  2. Coherent

    • Description: Core infrastructure that provides Web3 data

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $1M at $14M valuation

    • Investors: Coinbase Ventures, Kindred, etc.

    • Discord link

  3. LayerZero

    • Description: Blockchain interoperability protocol

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $3B valuation

    • Investors: Multicoin, a16z, Sequoia, FTX, etc.

    • Discord link

  4. Celestia

    • Description: First modular blockchain network to power scalable, secure Web3 apps

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $1B+ valuation

    • Investors: Binance, etc.

    • Discord link

DILIGENCE (Pre-Management Call)

  1. HackMD (Deal Call on August 15th 7:00pm ET)

    • Description: Collaborative editor for Web3 companies

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $2M at $20M valuation

    • Investors: Vitalik Buterin, Techstars, etc.

    • Discord link

  2. Zesty (Deal Call on August 18th 9:00am ET)

    • Description: Data aggregator for the metaverse (175+ metaverse properties and 80k+ unique users)

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $2M-3M at $20M-$30M valuation

    • Investors: 1kx, etc.

    • Discord link

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