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We're excited to propose the creation of a decentralized autonomous organization (Dao) focused on releasing music while dedicating 15% of the royalties generated to support the Dao's operations, artists, and the community. A significant portion of this (5%) will be set aside to benefit Dao token holders.


The primary objectives of this Music Dao are as follows:

1. *lMusic Production: The Dao will produce and release music across various genres, providing a platform for emerging and established artists.

2. Royalty Allocation: A total of 15% of royalties generated from music streams, sales, and licensing will be allocated to support the Dao, artists, and the community, with 5% directly benefiting Dao token holders.

3. Artist Empowerment: Empower artists by providing them with a platform for music creation, distribution, and fair compensation.

4. Community Engagement: Foster a vibrant community of music enthusiasts who can engage with and support their favorite artists.


The Dao will be governed by token holders, enabling them to participate in decisions related to music releases, partnerships, and community activities.

Revenue Generation

Revenue will primarily come from music streams, sales, and licensing. A portion (15%) will be allocated to support the Dao's activities.

 Royalty Allocation

15% of the royalties generated will be allocated as follows:

- 5% directly to a treasury specifically to provide benefits to token holders .

- 10% to support the DAO treasury .

 Benefits for Artists

- Fair compensation for their music.

- Access to a global audience and transparent payments.

Benefits for Token Holders

- A 5% share of the music royalties.

- Governance rights to shape the Dao's direction.

- Involvement in a vibrant music community.

 Marketing and Promotion

The Dao will employ effective marketing strategies, including collaborations and partnerships, to ensure the success of its music releases.


The Music Dao, with its 15% royalty allocation and 5% going directly to token holders, is an innovative project that aims to empower artists and build a thriving music community. We invite support and collaboration to bring this proposal to life.

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