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getting started with #lens in 5 steps 🪴 [October 2023 update]

cover art by Carla (@cmn__.lens) 🤍

(0 a) maybe consider adding some information about yourself and a pfp to your profile before you start.

(0 b) "hello world" posts get quite some attention ... 😉 . (if you can post something related to what you are interested in ... 🎇 -> People you start following might take a look at your profile and follow if they are interested in the content you share.) Find one great example at the end of the post.

(1) updated - list of great profiles to start your lens journey ... you will discover a ton, worth following profiles in the communities of people in this list. in general is a great starting point. (new this month: @prashantbagga.lens , @diogor.lens )

(2) find your twitter contacts on lens: (*) (not everyone with a lens profile, active on twitter, is very active on lens (yet ;-)). Maybe consider connecting with new people, sharing interesting content on lens.)

(3) probably you read this post on @lenster.lens . If you are interested in lens mobile apps, @orbapp.lens and @buttrfly.lens are at the moment - imo - the most advanced general purpose lens mobile apps. One of the beautiful things regarding lens is that it doesn't matter which lens app you use, every lens app has access to the same content and social graph.

(4) what you share on lens is stored and publicly available for a very long time. Probably forever. You can hide posts, comments and mirrors. But that's a front-end feature, the data is still available and publicly accessible.

(5) "collects" are a very powerful concept, adding a NFT version of the post to your address (4th symbol below a post on @lenster.lens ). Collects can be monetised -> creators can use collect fees to earn money on lens.

one more thing :-) being active, commenting on posts and topics you are interested in goes a long way. Of course there is a chance that your posts will be discovered, commented and mirrored, but you increase the probability of being discovered dramatically with valuable comments. @jeanmi.lens : "be yourself, try to engage with people, sharing images seems to accelerate engagement/growth, people love to 'GM'" It is quite challenging to get attention, especially for new profiles. A few approaches to get more visibility:

  1. @animators.lens started on lens drawing lens PFPs . Imo still one of the best (high quality) growth hacks I’ve seen on lens yet (0 to 100 followers). Maybe you can think of something inspired by @animators.lens ’ idea based on your talent and skills.

  2. consider joining communities on @orbapp.lens and/or communities on @diversehq.lens (e.g. you can post directly to the @mixtape.lens feed, be active in the #lensfit community or join c/food).

  3. consider contributing content to the weekly @thisweekon.lens highlight series ( ) or other content threads like @trustmebro.lens. (Keep an eye on @ryanfox.lens ;-).)

  4. consider participating in campaigns / events on lens like TRIVIATOWN.eth by @prashantbagga.lens or create an event (maybe check out #OPENLENS for reference). (If you plan to create something please feel free to reach out 🤍)

  5. consider joining lens spaces on @buttrfly.lens .

  6. @ profiles you think your content is relevant for or you would like to get input from. Pls be selective and not spammy.

cover art by Carla @cmn__.lens

cover artists of the month

TYSM @cmn__.lens for creating this beautiful getting started cover 🤍🙏. Collect is the #lens super power. The “getting started” post is a 333 limited edition (0.3 WMATIC with 50% mirror fee share, the collect fee goes 100% to the artists.)

What does it mean? You can collect one of 333 available NFTs of @cmn__.lens‘ awesome artwork (and this post :-)). If you mirror the post and the post will be collected via your mirror, you will get 0.15 WMATIC. The revenue generated from the collect fee will go directly to the artist’s address.

Is there any utility? Everyone who collects this post can suggest and vote on the next “getting started” cover artist.

advanced topics

other mobile apps: @converseapp.lens ( @xmtplabs.lens mobile messaging app), @lenstaxyz.lens image focused lens mobile app.

other browser apps: @pinsta.lens pin lens content, create and publish pinsta boards. @beatsapp.lens music focused lens app. @focalize.lens browser extension for posting on lens. @youfolio.lens trading lens creator tokens. @dumpling.lens video platform on lens. @diversehq.lens Reddit inspired lens app. @collectz.lens amazing app to share what you’ve collected and what’s for sale (eg ). @lenspeer.lens social media platform supporting ERC-6551 wallets. @buttrfly.lens for web.

video: @lenstubelogs.lens videos on lens.

market place: @lensport.lens buy and sell collects, create token gated posts, ... .

fun: @memester-xyz.lens create memes easily and publish directly on lens. (#LensAI) create ai generated images and publish on lens. @amnisiac.lens listen to music in your feed or other profile's feed (e.g. @mixtape.lens ). @truthordare.lens ;-). @lensgardennft.lens dynamic activity based NFTs. word cloud generator by @rickydata.lens . Lens circles by @juancito.lens .

games : Lensjump by @thefriendly.lens mobile friendly. Lensbird the Lens version of Flappybird by @thefriendly.lens ( )

tools: @chainjet.lens automate processes, like notifications ( @remindmebot.lens 👀). very powerful lens search. @lensdropxyz.lens raffle tokens based on constraints (e.g. 1 of the profiles who collected post xyz will get a NFT). @wav3s.lens incentivise people to mirror or comment content. @madfinance.lens Lens Bounties, allowing creators to earn "by creating a Lens post using the creative direction of a brand". @letsrally.lens lens spaces. @wagmifund.lens decentralised crowd funding platform. @ethpass.lens add your lens profile to Apple or google wallet. schedule posts. @socllyofficial.lens “creator-centric” toolkit.

new dev tools: @airstack_xyz.lens web3 development platform.

data: profile overview with a github like activity board. get an overview of your lens statistics.

ready to test: @jamfriends.lens Web3 Social monetization model(s). @ensocollective digital closet. @lenspostxyz.lens canva for web3 socials & collaborative design. @lensplayxyz.lens video browsing, @lenshareapp.lens video platform, @converseapp.lens mobile messaging (android). @chromadin.lens “A din of iridescent static fills the air as you tune into intercepted signals. Beyond the boundaries of conventional networks you are here, live at the edge of an irrevocable threshold.” :-) .

coming soon: 🥳 @lensprotocol v2 🥳 , @t2world.lens social network around reading and writing. @lenspayio.lens Web3 social payments. @onboardapp.lens general purpose app. #theDial by @emmajane1313.lens . @natasocial (aka LensTags) content discovery and organisation. chess with lens frens by @krantz.lens.

new lens integrations:,,,

lens protocol stats

provided by @buttrfly.lens (weekly posts + comments)

If you are interested in content distribution and increasing your reach on lens, maybe the following post is a good starting point: (e.g. @bvdaniel.lens combined his introduction post with an eye catching visual (only follower can collect) and an incentivised mirror (+100 followers ). 120+ collects, 80+ mirrors, 40+ comments ...)

@luduvigo.lens wrote two great posts “How to grow on Lens ...” and maybe take a look what he did with the content in the following days. 👀

(*) might be not available due to the recent restrictions on twitter.

list of lens apps

► September 2023 update with cover art by @mazemari.lens

► August 2023 update with cover art by @eastie.lens

► July 2023 update with cover art by @jessyjeanne.lens

► June 2023 update with cover art by @arterlioz.lens and @cybershakti.lens

► May 2023 update with cover art by @chaoticmonk.lens

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