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GIVnews April 2022


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Our highlighted updates from everything related to the Giveth Galaxy and the GIVeconomy 🌌


  • RegenFarms 🚜: Ready to earn sick yields while supporting for-good DAOs? RegenFarms offers an elegant evolution to traditional liquidity mining that rewards liquidity providers with a token stream into the future! Learn more or ape in to our first RegenFarm from ShapeShift DAO.

  • New Univ2 Mainnet Rewards 💰:  A new GIVfarm pool goes live this Saturday! Rewards will be rolling out to GIV/DAI liquidity providers on Mainnet Univ2. Ape in now (by setting up your LP) to be the first to soak up those juicy APRs!

  • Meet the Makers 🙋‍♀️: We love to learn about the people behind the projects on Giveth. At our last Meet the Makers event, we heard the stories of 5 environmental projects that are changing the world. If you missed it, watch the recording here on Twitter

  • GIVbacks 🔄: GIVbacks Round 8 has been distributed! If you donated to verified projects between April 1 & 15, you can claim your rewards and get a POAP. Missed this round? No worries! Donate in the active round to be eligible for GIVbacks!

  • Bridging the Fundraising World 🌎: Melody Song & Lauren Luz from the Giveth team recently spoke at Resource Alliance’s #FRO2022 main stage with a talk on “Crypto Philanthropy 101”. In case you missed it, you can view the recap tweet thread here.

Featured Project 🙌

Grassroots Economics Community Currency 🤝

Imagine a world where communities create their own mediums of exchange linked to local values, and connect to other communities to create an emergent, healthy and decentralized economic system. Grassroots Economics is bridging web3 and the real world by building open-source software and training organizations and communities around the world how to design, start and maintain community currencies. They’re starting with vulnerable communities in Kenya and expanding to other countries!


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