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GCR Deal Update (Week of February 12, 2024)

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The GCR Core Team

RAISING (Currently Fundraising)

Last Chance to Participate

  1. DEAL #1 (Secondary)

    • Description: The fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack that delivers maximum security and the highest flexible throughput for decentralized applications.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: 565.5m

    • Investors: Prev fundraising details: 80M at 1B val round led by Blockchain Capital and Stratos with Coinfund, Spartan, Maven11 and Bain participating. 1.5M round led by Coinfund with Fenbushi and Origin Capital participating.

    • Discord link

  2. DEAL #2

    • Description: A professional and friendly international company who develop games for mobile platforms and social networks. They are currently developing an NFT-based RPG game called The Beacon.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $2M at $25M valuation

    • Investors: Arbitrum, etc.

    • Discord link

  3. DEAL #3

    • Description: Creator of token bound accounts, a new primitive that will give every NFT its own account/wallet address

    • Fundraising & Valuation: N/A

    • Investors: TBD

    • Discord link

DILIGENCE (Pre-Management Call)

  1. DEAL #1

    • Description: A new platform to extend and supercharge the solana virtual machine.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $5M at $50M valuation

    • Investors: TBD

    • Discord link

  2. DEAL #2

    • Description: Incubated by Binance Labs, a pioneering startup focused on advancing privacy-centric computing infrastructure. The company's core mission revolves around delivering streamlined and accessible fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) solutions tailored for both web2 and web3 users.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $4M at $40M valuation

    • Investors: Binance Labs, Crypto times, MH Ventures and K300

    • Discord link

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