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GCR Deal Update (Week of January 23, 2023)

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The GCR Core Team

RAISING (Currently Fundraising)

Last Chance to Participate

  1. Sphere (CLOSING SOON - $300k allocation left in the round)

    • Description: Payment infrastructure (Web 3 Stripe) built on Solana; winner of Solana Summer Camp2022 Payments Track

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $1.5M at $10M valuation

    • Investors: Jump Crypto, Big Brain, Solana Ventures, etc.

    • Discord link

  2. Obscuro

    • Description: Layer 2 solution on Ethereum with privacy (spin off of R3)

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $900k at $30M valuation

    • Investors: Republic, KuCoin, etc.

    • Discord link

  3. Disco

    • Description: A new identity platform that allows users to have sovereignty over their data

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $30M at $200M valuation

    • Investors: Polychain Capital, BitKraft, Bow Capital, etc.

    • Discord link