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The GCR Core Team

RAISING (Currently Fundraising)

Last Chance to Participate

  1. DEAL #1

    • Description: Leading AI driven asset management protocol building on Injective offering intelligent vaults that use automated trading strategies to help users achieve superior returns.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $2M at $20M

    • Investors: Vessel Capital (Injectve's fund), NxGen, Dojo Swap, Kage, White Whale, Richard Dai, 0x Normie

    • Discord link

  2. DEAL #2

    • Description: A cross-chain liquidity aggregator that enables seamless cross-chain swaps with near-instant finality and cost efficiency on many of the top blockchains, all without the need to bridge any assets, making for an extremely fast, secure, easy, and gas efficient solution.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $3M at $60M FDV

    • Investors: Wormhole, Stargate Finance, Parafi Capital, Jump, GSR, Republic, Big Brain Holdings, Sandeep Nailwal, Double Peak, Serafund, MH Ventures, Faculty Group, Arkstream, D1, Apollo, Black Dragon, Zephyrus, Alphanonce, Moonrock, Crescent City Capital, Proof Capital, 6k, Stacker VC

    • Discord link

  3. DEAL #3

    • Description: The 1st Bitcoin security equivalent layer2 solution based on BitVM approach

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising seed round @80mn val

    • Investors: ABCDE Capital (Lead), OKX

    • Discord link

  4. DEAL #4

    • Description: A permisionless Amazon for blockchain data infrastructure

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Last year(12/22) closed a 150m FDV round. Now raising at 200m FDV

    • Investors: Tribe, Jump and Hashkey, including Alliance, Node, North Island, Quiet, Finality, Dispersion Capital, and the SEED investors of the top infrastructure providers Alchemy, Blockdaemon, Consensys (Infura), and Quicknode. Also top validators, ecosystems, and founders of Cosmos, Polkadot, Filecoin, Starkware, Axelar, NEAR, Celestia, Celo, Fireblocks

    • Discord link

  5. DEAL #5

    • Description: A Web3 infrastructure layer that allows modular execution layers to scale and interoperate in a trust minimized way.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $46M at $800M FDV

    • Investors: Undisclosed

    • Discord link

  6. DEAL #6

    • Description: A development lab building on restaking and parallel VMs like Monad, Eclipse and Fuel.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising 3M @ 30M val Equity+Token (1:1)

    • Investors: Sreeram Kannan, Eigenlayer founder

    • Discord link

  7. DEAL #7

    • Description: Bitcoin-Native Data Availability Layer.

    • Fundraising & Valuation:

      • Pre-seed: 500k @ 20m val (Angel checks from Polychain and Manta team members)

      • Seed: 1st tranche @ 50m val (Oversubscribed)

    • Discord link

  8. DEAL #8

    • Description: A professional and friendly international company who develop games for mobile platforms and social networks. They are currently developing an NFT-based RPG game called The Beacon.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $2M at $25M valuation

    • Investors: Arbitrum, etc.

    • Discord link

DILIGENCE (Pre-Management Call)

  1. DEAL #1

    • Description: A new platform to extend and supercharge the solana virtual machine.

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $5M at $50M valuation

    • Investors: TBD

    • Discord link

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