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GCR Deal Update (Week of October 17, 2022)

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The GCR Core Team

RAISING (Currently Fundraising)

Last Chance to Participate

  1. Scroll (zkEVM)

    • Description: Native zkEVM layer 2 solution for Ethereum

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $43M at $1.8B valuation

    • Investors: Polychain Capital, Bain Capital Crypto, Variant, etc.

    • Discord link

  2. Skadi Labs

    • Description: Web3 studio that builds and incubates crypto projects. Current pipeline: 1) EMPO (AMM on Aptos + Sui), 2) Prismatic (DAO governance & treasury management tool on Algorand), 3) Concavely (DAO growth and marketing tool on NEAR). As an investor, you get equity of Skadi Labs and underlying tokens of projects that they build / incubate

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $5M at $25M valuation

    • Investors: Founders of Dragonfly / Woodstock Fund, Keychain Ventures, etc.

    • Discord link

  3. Sniper Labs

    • Description: Trading & analytics tools for NFT traders

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $3M at $20M valuation

    • Investors: FTX Ventures, 7x, etc.

    • Discord link

Just Started Fundraising

  1. Sphere

    • Description: Payment infrastructure (Web 3 Stripe) built on Solana

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $3M at $15M valuation

    • Investors: N/A - winner of Solana Summer Camp2022 Payments Track

    • Discord link

  2. Nibiru

    • Description: Scalable / interoperable Proof-of-Stake layer 1 (Tendermint) that will be the Defi hub for the Cosmos (interchain) ecosystem

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $8.5M at $100M valuation

    • Investors: Tribe Capital, Republic, Kraken, etc.

    • Discord link

  3. Breed VC

    • Description: Web-3 pre-seed / seed generalist VC fund

    • Fundraising & Valuation: Raising $20M

    • Investors: Getty family office, Yida Gao (Shima Capital), Daniel Matuszewski (CMS Holdings), etc.

    • Discord link

DILIGENCE (Pre-Management Call)

  1. WGMI.io (Deal Call on October 26th 11:30am ET)

    • Description: NFT portfolio management and analytics tool

    • Fundraising & Valuation: $2M at $10M valuation

    • Investors: N/A

    • Discord link

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